Friday, June 26, 2009


My birthday celebration continued today. When I arrived at the church for game night for the JA's, they had me wait in the hallway for a few minutes. Then they had me close my eyes and they led me into a dark room where the rest of the gang jumped up and yelled surprise. Then they all sang "Happy Anniversaire" to me. They had gone to a lot of trouble and thought of everything. The room was decorated. There was a banner and there were balloons everywhere. There was a beautiful card signed by everyone and there was cake and drinks, but most of all there were the lovely young adults. They even presented me with this pretty bouquet of flowers. I was so excited and they were so excited and we had a great time together. I am so lucky that these awesome young people like me. I sure love them and love working with them.
I even got a bowl of cherries, homegrown, for a gift.

Before we left for the church, Manon, our neighbor's daughter, came by and brought me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It was huge and I had to take 3 pictures from different sides to show the beautiful flowers. I think they are sooo thoughtful to think of me and to give me this wonderful gift.
Last night I had the party with the missionaries and today with the young adults. I got to talk to most of my children, got emails from others, got lots of messages and cards. I feel so spoiled. My dearest friend's son, Kyle, called and showed me on skype that he got and is sending me a personally signed copy of the book Number the Stars. I love this little book and am overwhelmed that a young man would think of me enough to get me this book at a book signing lecture. I really am blessed and I am so grateful for that.


The Wendler Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!
I am so glad you were sufficiently spoiled! The party looks like a great time and the flowers are just beautiful!
I'm glad you have a great birthday celebration. Love you!

Catherine said...

I wish you too, a belated Joyeux Anniversaire Natalie ! So many wonderful attentions. You get friends, you can trust.