Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stairs and fast food

One of our JA's lives in quite a nice apartment, but the stairs to the fourth level are really steep and rickety and the walls are peeling and not very nice. Each step is only about 5" wide. They look much nicer and less steep in the picture.

I'll bet lots of you recognize this store. Claire's carries the same type of merchandise as in the states.
The following are pictures of eating places that surround Auchan where we often shop.

Notice that the shopping carts are all locked together. If you want to use one, you must put in a euro and unlock the cart. You can retrieve your euro after you finish shopping and lock up your cart.


Yvonne said...

I do not like steep stairs--at all--and I have pretty big feet so those would be tough for me.

We do the same with our shopping carts here--but it's only a quarter.

Nancy Face said...

Those locking carts would be challenging because I never have any money on me...I just use my debit card to buy groceries! :)

I bet my feet are bigger than Yvonne's! ;)