Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gent, Belgium Part 2

Looking toward the cathedral and belfry in Gent.

The castle of Gerald the Devil.

A picture of lunch and the Brasserie de Jacob where we ate.

Sunday evening we received an e-mail from Elder and Sister Hickenbotham asking us if we wanted to accompany them on a trip to Gent. Of course we did. We had a wonderful day together.
After a morning of driving and visting the Gravenstein Castle we drove to downtown Gent to have lunch and continue our visit.

We had to walk along the canal to get there.

Picture of Gent downtown (town square).

This was yummy vegetable, endive soup. The waters cost 4 euro each. If you want water with your meal, it is always a separate charge. They do not usually give you a glass of water. Also, they drink everything without ice, including soda. If you ask for some ice, they will bring you one ice cube.

The guys had steak and the girls had vol au vent.

Looking toward the belfry.

This castle is also called the castle of the evil duke. Apparently the duke was a mass murderer and tortured many of his prisoners in this very castle. This castle was closed so we couldn't tour it.

A cathedral and huge monument right next to the castle.

We visited Saint Baro Cathedral. This is an enormous, gorgeous, very ornate cathedral.

Inside there are many, many huge statues, bas reliefs, paintings, tapestries, carvings, stained glass windows and all sorts of beautiful artifacts.

In the middle is a huge structure. It is a carved staircase that leads up to a platform with a gigantic sculpture of the Garden of Eden with a giant serpent holding an apple.

The alter itself is very plain and modern.

This is a large tapestry of the tree of life.

Here is St. Peters Church. It is in a large square.

If you look closely, you can see St Peter holding the keys to heaven.


txmommy said...

what is vol al vent?

you look good :)

fun pictures. I like seeing all the sights!

Yvonne said...

Fun to see everything. So glad you post all the pictures.

I was never able to figure out why they never put ice in the drinks.

Nancy Face said...

Beautiful pictures! The food looks yummy! :)