Friday, June 12, 2009


Monday evening we had a wonderful African dinner made by Favour for all the missionaries in our district.
We ate FuFu, which is a typical African dish. FuFu is made from nyam or cassave. This is a root that is ground up and made into a fine powder that looks like flour. One puts a big pot of water to boil and when it is at a rolling boil, you slowly add the powder and stir like crazy. After stirring really hard for a while, you get this fluffy looking FuFu that resembles mashed potatoes (in looks only). It is eaten with a sauce. The sauce was a combination of ground meat, salmon, tomatoe paste, and other ingredients that I am not sure about. One of them was a thick paste which had something very black in it as well as pepper, and maybe chilis as well as spices. The taste of FuFu is kind of bland, but with the sauce it has a pretty good taste. Favour also made chicken which was cooked with curry and thyme which was very good.
We all had a great time together, laughing and goofing around with the missionaries. While the cooking was going on, the older single adults were gathering at the church for their FamilyHomeEvening and the food looked so good to them that they all stayed and joined in the dinner. There was plenty for everyone and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Some of our missionaries, Sister Carson from Maryland and Elder Scott from Washington.

Next is Sister Shannon from Ireland and Dominique from Gabon.

Here is Favour, our gracious hostess from Nigeria with Sister Carson.

Elder Spicer is on the right.

On the left is Elder Scott, then Sister Gigant a new convert from Jan. and Elder Hoskyns.

This is a sister from Gabon. She usually dresses in African dresses, but not that evening. She is so funny, always cracking a joke.

This adorable little girl is Kelly, Dominique's daughter. Dominique was recently baptized.

Sister Santos from Brazil.

DH with Sister Gigant. She and 2 of her boys were baptized in Jan.

Elder Bertrand is our district leader. He is from Arkansas. As I have mentioned before, the missionaries that we work with are awesome young men and women who are dedicated, smart, hardworking, and so wonderful to work with.

Our wonderful cook and hostess Favour. Favour has 2 children back in Nigeria. She had an abusive( friend) father of her children. She escaped to France to try to make a better life for herself and her children. She is in the process of saving money and getting visas to bring her children to France.
Favor has a very strong faith in God. She asks God's help in everything she does. For example, she was learning how to crochet. She learned the basics and then wanted to make hats. So, she prayed to know how many stitches she should put in each row and how she should do it. "So, I asked God and he showed me exactly how to do it. He told me the number of stitches and the number of rows." Her crocheted things are quite lovely.


x.eRin said...

I love Fufu...Oh, it was so great seeing so many familiar faces! I sure do miss everyone over there! Tell Sister Santos Hi! as well as everyone else of course!

Yvonne said...

When you mentioned all the spices and then said it was bland, I thought, oh my, she must LOVE SPICY FOOD. Then I realized you were talking about just the fufu wthout the sauce.

Looks like so much fun.

Favour sounds like a wonderful woman. People with such faith amaze me.

Robin said...

Trying new food how exciting. What neat friends you are making. I hope she gets to bring her children to her soon.

Nancy Face said...

If that FuFu sauce has salmon it it, I want to try it! Dominique is darling! What a wonderful get-together! :)

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Looks like you have some great missionaries to work with- I am hoping you meet up with Elder Jeremy Wells- although I would think he might not remember our family- we were friends with his family when they lived in Oregon- and have seen them a couple of times since they moved- mostly his parents and two sisters- They are a really neat, and humble family

funny- the word verification is tatFU?