Thursday, June 11, 2009


The Elders in Kotrijk call us sometimes when they meet someone who speaks French. Because they are on the Belgian side, Dutch speaking, they cannot communicate with them and since DH is French we go there and talk with the investigators.
About a month ago we met Faustino from Angola. He had 2 previous meetings with the mission pres. and pres asked us to take over with the lessons.
We were happy to do so, but the first time we went there, "Oh My Gosh". He said, "You be quiet, I want to talk." He proceeded to talk to us about an African prophet. This man was wearing military outfit and acting in a very militant fashion. He also put on videos of the African prophet who was actually carrying weapons and was surrounded by the military. The, so called, prophet was yelling and people were running around and it was actually kind of scary. He was showing us clips from different videos and some of them were actually quite violent. We stayed as short a time as possible and then left. Faustino himself never raised his voice, but he said many unusual things and was quite agitated. He believes that every country has it's own prophet, that God is black, and other things that we know are inaccurate.
Well, I didn't want to ever go back, but DH wanted to give him another chance to learn about the gospel. He called him and asked him if he really wanted to know about the plan of salvation and if he did that we would go back, but that he would have to actually let us teach. Faustino said yes. So, now we have gone back 2 times. Yesterday we could feel a softning of the spirit. He was polite and friendly. We don't know what will come of this, but as of now, the lessons are continuing.

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Yvonne said...

Wow--that must have been something. I hope he progresses.