Friday, June 19, 2009

Humble Pie

So, sometime back, I wrote about Faustino. Faustino was quite a scary guy on our first visit. I did not want to go back to see him because I just didn't know what he might do. Well, DH, the kind, non judgemental man that he is, never gives up. He said that Faustino needed a chance to hear the gospel. He telephoned him the following week and told him that there are not prophets for each country as Faustino thought and that the militant guy he was following, who was carrying weapons and was surrounded by a lot of men also carrying weapons was not a prophet. He referred him to some scriptures, which F read. He told Faustino that if he was really interested in hearing about the plan of salvation and that if he would listen that we would go back to teach him.
He did want us to come, so together with the Kortrijk elders we have been back to teach him several times. The elders have also been teaching him by themselves. Last week the elders invited him to go to church with them and he did. He really liked everything he heard. F has had a complete turn about in demeanor, behavior, interest, etc. He is being touched by the spirit. Also, F was able to meet and to talk to some members of the church from his own country including a young 17 year old boy who was recently baptized. Today we were teaching him about baptism by immersion and by fire. The elders asked him if that was something he wanted for himself and he said yes. Then they asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes again. I about fell out of my seat. His attitude is so humble now and I have learned a lesson to not be so quick to react and to judge a person and what they will or will not do. In addition, F invited one of his friends from the Congo to join us today and now Jean Louie wants to study the gospel too. I hope I don't have to eat any more humble pie.


The Texas Bakers said...

That is a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. I, too, can be quick to judge and it's good we have people like your dear hubbie around to teach us otherwise, isn't it?

Erika said...

Cute, and awesome, story! What a great experience to have.

Yvonne said...

I struggle so often with judging--(not something I like to admit). I think that's why young men are called on missions at 19--they just seem to love EVERYONE where I think sometimes we decide who will or will not join the Church. (Frankly, if I'd met me on the street before I joined the Church, I would have thought--"she'll NEVER join the Church".

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience.

Nancy Face said...

That was a wonderful and inspiring story, and it made me happy to read it! :)