Sunday, January 22, 2012

SeaLife and Thanksgiving

 One of our trips was to Southern California to visit Anna, Amadeo, and baby Joneaux.  Except, he's not a baby anymore.  He turned 2 while we were there.  We all had such a wonderful visit.  Joneaux is the most adorable little guy.  He's cute and nice and affectionate and also so smart.  He already knows all of his colors, can count to 16, knows his abc's and can sing lots of songs.  He loves to look at books and knows lots of the stories.  His favorite right now is a shark.  When we were in the little gift shop, he picked out a shark book and of course Grams had to get it for him. :)
 He's also very independent and had to go up some stairs onto this bridge and then slide down.  
 He did that lots and lots of times.  He had fun and we had fun watching him.

 He spent quite a bit of time building in the little lego part.

 For Thanksgiving we went to Amadeo's parents house.  They are always so welcoming and hospitable.
 The men gathered in the back yard to make two kinds of turkey.  Two were deep fried and one was cooked in the oven.  Everyone brought several dishes to share and sparkling cider.  

 We ate and talked and laughed and laughed and ate and talked some more.  The kids played and played and laughed and ran around.  A great time was had by all.

 After eating, the ladies looked at the sale ads while the kids colored, played games, and did Thanksgiving work sheets.

 Then some watched T.V. while others played Mexican Train.  A few even had a nice little siesta.  Later on in the day we gathered in the living room and each person got to share one of the things they were grateful for.  It was amazing to hear everyone and even the littlest ones had an opportunity to share. Of course a few tears were shed------------a wonderful ending to a great day.

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