Sunday, January 29, 2012

Idaho mini vacation

 These first two photos are of Tal dancing in her couins dance clothes at Val's house.  I just had to include them because she is oh so cute.  It Tal hears music, she has to break out dancing.  It is so fun.  This little girl has rhythm.  :)
 We had a little trip planned to Alec's house just for fun but at the last moment Valerie asked if she and M could come along.  Val and her family went to Alec and Kelly's for Thanksgiving and while they were there M had a black mole removed from her hip.  Alec sent it to pathology and it came back very bad. When the tissue is sent to the lab it is graded on a scale from mild all the way to severe and then melanoma.  M's came back as severe.  Alec suggested she get it and the area surrounding it removed without waiting too long.  So, Val asked if they could come along.  Of course we were happy to have them.  We would have even made a special trip if we needed to.
 We had a very pleasant trip up together.  Val is always lots of fun to be with and M is a little doll.  She is most always very pleasant and sweet.  That first evening we went to the botanical gardens in Boise.  They were lit up with million of beautiful lights.
 The photos don't even come close to doing them justice.
 It was so cold that Kelly and Alec had to fit us up with warm things to wear.
 Katie and M had fun together and we all really enjoyed each other's company.

The next morning we got up early and went to La Vie en Rose, a french restaurant.  The food was absolutely delicious.  

 Here's little M recovering.  Alec had to remove quite a large section.  We were so blessed to find out that he got everything and she is safe and sound.  M will have to watch out very carefully from now on to any little mole she may get.  She will also have to wear sunscreen.  Actually Alec is always telling everyone to wear sunscreen all the time.  He removes quite a few skin cancers every week.
Here's my handsome boy all ready for work.  We had a wonderful, although all too short trip.

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Connie said...

It looks COLD there in Idaho! How wonderful to have family together. I'm glad M got that mole taken care of. My son had a mole removed from his arm and it was melanoma. The doctor removed a HUGE chunk out of his arm to get all of it. Scary stuff. Your Alec is a handsome doctor. I'm sure you're very proud!