Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Santa

 We as a R. S. Presidency decided that we would have a Super Santa activity for the sisters.  We chose a women's shelter and decided to make a bag for each of the 20 women who are living there.  We had several great committees to do all of the prep work.  One committee did all of the decorations.  It looked really nice in the cultural hall.

 Each participant got a Jar of Joy.  These cute little baby food jars are filled with notes and quotes that one can read at any time to get a little lift or inspiration.  We got quotes from scriptures, famous people, and just people we know or ourselves.

 Another committee made these beautiful, wool bags.  They turned out even better than we had hoped.  Each bag was lined with a pretty silky fabric and each bag also had several inside pockets.
 The R. S. provided some of the items to fill the bags and the sisters in the ward donated many items too. Some of the things we put in the bags were; lotions, candles, manicure set, soaps, warm booties, scarf, chocolates and other candies, sewing kit, gloves, perfume, jam, hair products, nail polish, chap stick, and other things.  One sister (who sells Lia Sophia) donated a lovely piece of jewelry for each bag.

 We had a table set up where we put together a necklace for each bag.  Each necklace had a medallion with something engraved on it such as faith, hope, charity, love, etc.
 Other sisters made these cute flower pins that we pinned onto the front of each bag close to the strap.  The pin can be used for other outfits or as a headband too.
The bags can be used afterwards also.  Who wouldn't love to have a purse like that?  I know I would love to have a bag like that.
There was a writing center with nice cards and stationary and lots of the sisters wrote notes to each recipient.

We also had a special speaker who works for the shelter.  She gave a wonderful presentation and spoke about what goes on in the centers.   She also talked a lot about abuse and addiction.

It was a LOT of work, but we felt really good about it.  We felt it was a very fun and successful activity.  We hope that we brought a little joy and a ray of sunshine to those who are in a troubled situation right now.  

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Yvonne said...

What a GREAT idea. Love it. So many sweet things.

You are doing such a great job--but then again, I am not at all surprised.