Tuesday, January 31, 2012

December girls and Dinner Party

 My cutie Tatum, our first great granddaughter loves to "play" the piano.  Her Mommy was our very first grandchild.  She has grown into a lovely young woman.  Here she is with sister number 3.  J is in Romania now doing a BYU semester abroad.  She applied for the program and was one of 10 who were accepted to go.  In the mornings they work at the hospital and orphanage and in the afternoons they have classes.  What an adventure!

 S, sister number 2 is attending UVU.  All 3 of these beautiful girls belong to our firstborn Lana.  These girls have always been so sweet and so nice.  In addition they are so smart and talented. They were really never any trouble at all. They are always fun to be with.  How blessed they are to have so many gifts and talents from Heavenly Father and how blessed am I to be their grandmother.  At this time I am also lucky to have them all living close to us so we can see them often.  Of course, now we won't see J for quite a while.
 Before Christmas I had a small dinner party.  We had such a pleasant time together.
 Anita, in the yellow, is new to the war.  Her husband in the photo below is Allen.  They moved here from Kentucky where she worked for the government and he was a tool maker.  Now Allen does handi- man work and boy is he ever good at it .  Nelda and Art are our next door neighbors.  They are wonderful and we could not ask for better neighbors.  Nelda was an executive secretary in Washington D. C. working for the delegates or congressmen and Art is a retired judge.  Harold and Caroline are friends from the ward too. This dear couple has served several missions and are so much fun to be with.  I think they all liked the dinner I made and we sure did a lot of laughing and enjoying each other's company.  We want to get together again.

 Somehow my pictures split the events when I posted and I don't know how to fix it, but anyway S and J both have December birthdays. J is the 14th and S the 25th.  We had a little birthday dinner for them before they left for Christmas vacation at home in Maryland.
Three out of 4 generations.  Tooooo bad Lana was not here.

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Yvonne said...

You are such a wonderful grandma and great grandma. I bet they all love being around you.

Looks like a fun dinner party.

I'm sure Lana wishes she had been there, too.