Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to business

Well our trip is over and the next day we were back in the full swing of things. After unpacking, grocery shopping, putting things away, and cleaning a bit, we had lessons to teach right away.
Friday evening we had movie night with the JA's. We watched On The Lord's Errand which is excellent. After the movie we ate pancakes with all the yummy toppings. This activity was sponsored by the missionaries and they did all of the cooking.
These first few pictures are from a previous Sunday when we went to Arras for JA Sacrament Mtg. Here the youth are practising to sing for Stake Conf. After the meetings we ate lunch together and then listened to a CES broadcast by Bishop Burton.

These 2 missionaries are from the Arras Ward. The one on the right is Elder Maxwell, the grandson of Neil Maxwell. We had several unusual problems during this afternoon activity. One of the girls had some sort of a seizure or attack of some sort. She fainted and then was having spasms and seizure like behavior. She was taken away by ambulance. A short time later another girl fainted and was sick so we had to take care of her and finally a 3rd girl became very ill. We were running a little clinic in the chapel. Luckily all 3 girls are doing well now. Elder Maxwell and his companion were very helpful with all 3 incidents. These 2 young men acted in a very mature and discreet manner in treating all 3 girls.

Saturday afternoon Dh baptized Corenthin Xavier Fabrice who is from Guadeloupe. This young man is sooooooo nice. He listened to the Sister missionaries who taught him and accepted every single concept. He immediately began attending church. When he was told about the Word of Wisdom, he stopped drinking coffee right away. When taught the law of chastity, he began living that principle right away. He was wearing earring and when Elder Arhets explained to him how the Prophet suggested that this was not a good practice, he instantly took his earrings out. Xavier really admires Dh and really wanted him to be the one to baptise him. Of course Dh was so happy to do it. Sisters Kurran and Pobst taught him all of the lessons. Xavier will be a great addition to the JA's. They already love him too.

After the baptism we had a light luncheon which the missionaries and many of the JA's attended. It was a lot of fun. The missionaries became a little crazy, but it was a lot of good, clean fun.

Here they are practising their karate poses.

Elder Neidhart really wanted a picture with us. He is a great elder and he is the sweetest guy. In his life before the mission he was (still is) a member of the Special Forces in the Swiss Army.

Here are some of our fun JA girls. The girl with the aqua scarf is brand new from the USA. She is interning here at one of the universities. Hannah is so nice and we already know she will be so much fun to have around.

They always want to take crazy pictures as well as nice ones.

Elders Porter, Dalton, Perez, Dohrman, Neidhart, and Dungan enjoying some of their last days as a district. Transfers are tomorrow.

Xavier got in on the action.

This young man is Guillaume. He was taught by Elders Dungan and Neidhart and was baptised last Saturday.

Elder Porter jumped out the window just fooling around and then the others locked him out. I remember my sons jumping out of the windows at church during primary. I guess it takes a long time to really grow up.

Esther and Fanny are good friends and wonderful young women. Both of them are sooo nice and very talented too.

Here are Noemi, Claudine, and Natacha. Can you see how crazy they are acting? In reality these 3 girls are great leaders and all of them are very bright and very nice. They can always be counted on to do the right thing and to be helpful.

Grant is an intern who just moved here from Utah. He will studying at the university for several months. He actually served his mission in Paris 3 years ago and has been going to BYU and working at the MTC. He will be a great asset and has already made himself a part of the group.

Then girls wanted to take a picture with me, but they kept being soooo silly. They made a plan that at a certain moment they would all stoop down and look at me. I have a funny look, but decided to post it anyway.

After the luncheon we cleaned up and got ready for JA Forum. This was a great activity where the JA's got to listen to Frere Horeau speak to them on marriage. He gave a great talk and after that we had a nice dinner together. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.
Sunday was our day to go to Calais where Dh gave a wonderful talk on living in the light. He always gives such great talks.

Monday night we had FHE. Noemi gave a really good lesson. I am always amazed at how well these young people do. They are so nervous, but they end up doing a fabulous job. She used scriptures, got the other JA's involved and participating and just did great.
After that we play Do You Like Your Neighbor. It got a little bit wild, but everyone enjoyed themselves so much.

Sunday I woke up with my eye a bit red and yesterday it was worse. Today I woke up with my eyelid soooo swollen and my eye red. I addition, I have a rash on one side of my forehead and into the hairline. I look pretty bad (monster like). We waited until we thought our neighbors would be awake and Dh got the name of a Dr. here. We called and called and finally got a recording that the office was closed. There was another number there. We called and that Dr. is on a long week-end. There was another number given out. Finally we found a Dr. and made the trip there. That Dr. said that I needed to go immediately to an eye Dr, that it was urgent. He made a call to the hospital and off we went. There we saw the eye Dr. who sent us to a specialist. It turns out that I have a virus, a variety of varicella(sp?). I'm pretty sure that it's the same virus as chicken pox in kids and I think it might be shingles. They were afraid that my eye was being affected, but fortunately my eye is find. I also have conjunctivitis of the eye. Anyway, they gave me 4 different prescriptions and sent me off. Each of the Drs and all of the people that we saw were so nice to us. Also seeing all those Dr's and driving around only took about 3 1/2 hours. I was actually impressed especially when I consider all the many hours I have spent in the ER with various people. I hope that I will be looking better and feeling better soon.


Yvonne said...

When I read your posts I'm always so impressed with everything you do and how wonderful you are with the missionaries. (How I hope when kyle gets to his area that there is a couple like you and your husband to watch over him)

I'm sorry about your illness. Sure hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

Connie said...

Glad you're eye is doing better! It looks like you're serving with a bunch of fun and crazy missionaries who really love you and your husband. It shows!

OK, so three girls got sick at the same time? Is it something in the water or food? Sounds a little strange. Good they're feeling better.

Love reading your posts!

The Wendler Family said...

The good work goes on!
I am so sorry about our eye and rash! I hope it goes away soon and that you get to feeling better!