Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Busy Week

A week ago Saturday we had the baptism of Isileli Matakaiongo Tupou otherwise know as Kai. Kai and his wife Belinda, who was baptised 4 weeks ago, are from Tonga. He is a professional rugby player. They are in France while he is playing for a French team here. Baptising him is Ben. Our mission president likes to have ward members baptise the new amis a often as possible to forge a relationship between them. This couple has such a strong testimony of the gospel. It has been so much fun to see them grow in knowledge and faith.

Soeur Kohler got to come from Charleroi for the baptism. She and Soeur Pobst taught them and have become very close to this cute family.
It was great to spend a little time with Soeur Kohler. We miss her and her enthusiasm and fun personality. She was a great addition to our mission as I'm sure she is in Charleroi too.
Soeur Pobst and I are getting along great too. She is also a wonderful girl and missionary.

Natacha one of our most awesome JA's had the great idea of having a burrito fest for family home evening. Here she is cooking with Dh. The lovely young woman has it all going for her. She is very bright, nice, very knowledgeable, friendly, pretty etc etc. She is the one who always welcomes new visitors and spends time making them comfortable. She can give a great lesson and she is a lot of fun.

Here she is making the burrito shells. She had lots of help from some very willing Elders Perez and Dalton.

Soeurs Curran and Pobst are always fun to be around.

After a great lesson we played circle ping pong.

Alexandre was the big winner.

While most were playing, some like Elder Dohrman were in the kitchen flipping the tortillas to make the shells.

After I tried and tried but it was Soeur Pobst who finally caught a picture of the torilla in the air.

The fellow on the end is Didier. He crashed our burrito fest because he really wanted to eat some. We very nicely let him.

This is Jerome a fellow whom we and the Elders are teaching. He has a baptismal date but is having a lot of opposition from his family. It is amazing that so many people have so much opposition from their families. I think it is really hard for a lot of them. Jerome has a pet ferret and the darn little guy bit my finger. It latched on and did not want to let go. Ow! Jerome told us that the ferret cannot tell the difference between food and fingers. Yeah, like my finger really looks and tastes like a french fry. I don't think so. Luckily no permanent damage.

This Saturday we had another baptism. Christophe Vandendriessche was baptised by Alexandre. Alexandre was just as excited as Christophe. He said it was his first baptism of many. He is already study Preach My Gospel and plans to go on a mission before the year is over. Christophe was excited too. He said that as soon as he began reading the Book of Mormon, he knew that it was true and that it was the word of God.

Angelique is Christophe' s girlfriend. She brought him to institute and introduced him to our young adults. They befriended him and the missionaries began teaching him the gospel. It did not take him long at all for him to get a testimony. I actually found Angelique through a young adult list that I was given. She had been inactive for quite a while. I found her address and gave it to the young missionaries to visit her. One set fell through, but then I gave it to another companionship and they began teaching her. Soon she was back into full activity and having fun with the other young adults.

After the baptism Dh and I were doing some telephone calling and working on some paper work. Tall Jerome, Natacha, and Noemi were just talking to the other young adults who were there, but after everyone left, they came into the room and were chatting with us. Then they invited us to have dinner with them. Jerome very kindly treated everyone to McDonalds. We had some time, so we played some games together. We sure had a fun time together.
Jerome is the young man who was recently baptised. He is the one who is over 7 feet tall. He now is a counselor working with the young men. We are having some awesome young people join the church.
Natacha and Noemie are sisters. Natacha has a twin, Marie, who is still living at home and they also have a little sister Leah. These are the nicest girls. I just love them. They come from a great family. It is such a great thing for the church to have girls like these as members. I think everyone who knows them really likes them a lot.
All three of these young people speak English. That is great for me because French is soooooo hard for me. I'm surprised how many people here speak English.
We taught 7 lessons this week in addition to our JA work. I cooked on thurs. for institute of course. This week I made chinese chicken salad, which is one of their favorites. I also had rolls and dessert for them. One of the girls, Noemie, left class and came into the kitchen to see what I was preparing. She said that she just couldn't wait to know what she would be eating soon as she was just starving. As soon as she saw the salad, she said she was soooo happy because it is her favorite. That sure makes me feel good. I am so glad they like what I prepare for them because it is sure a lot of work to cook for so many. Dh always helps me a lot with chopping, cutting, sauteing, etc. I couldn't do it without his help. We are so pleased that our attendance it growing and growing. We now often have 30 coming to institute. Such a great growth and change from 4 or 5.
Today I translated for 3 hours straight. First in Relief Society, then in the temple preparation class and finally at sacrament. Then after sacrament I went to a meeting with the Petrovs and the Bishop and translated for another 1 1/2 hours. Whew! That was a lot of work. I am understanding a lot of French now so that's a good thing. Sometimes I am searching for a word and have to stop and think what language I am using, English, French, Russian? I am learning a lot of ecclesiastical terminology in Russian too. By the time we get home, my brain needs a real long rest. Ha.


nikko said...

Two baptisms. How exciting!

The Texas Bakers said...

I just love reading all about what you are doing. You are such an asset to that mission and I can see they all love you, too!

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

it is so fun to experience a mission through your eyes- your missionaries will never forget you!

Yvonne said...

You amaze me. I can't imagine cooking that much. It is so wonderful that you are so talented and are able to help these young adults so much.

I love reading about all of them and the great work you are doing.

The pictures are great--love the one of the tortilla in the air.

Robin said...

how amazing. It has been great for me to read about your missionary experiences. thanks for sharing

Nancy Face said...

The stories and pictures in your posts are so delightful!

I can't believe that crazy ferret decided to eat your finger for dinner, haha!

I love that you call the 7 foot guy "Tall Jerome"! We also have a friend who is over 7 feet tall, and we call him "Big Bill"! :)