Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Alec

The 1/2 marathon last week-end. Alec and Kelly ran the Race for the Cure.

With his sweet wife and daughter.

October 30,1970 was one of the happiest days of my life. That was the day our first son, Alexander was born. In August of that year, we had moved to North Edwards, Ca for my Dh's first teaching job. We moved from San Francisco and I wanted to have my baby there, so about a month before his due date we went up there and I stayed with my parents and my sweet little girl L. Dh had to go back because he had classes to teach. Almost 2 weeks later I went to spend a few days at my friend Carol's house in the Oakland hills. We did have a really nice couple of days. On friday morning we woke up and began spending another fun day together, but I was feeling kind of strange. I had to run to the bathroom rather often and I just wasn't feeling very good. Later in the afternoon I began to have little uncomfortable feelings and tinges. I didn't think that I was in labor, but as the afternoon progessed I thought I better call my Dr. I did call and he suggested that I come to the hospital. Carol didn't want me to drive my myself so we bundled up the girls (her 2, 2 1/2yrs and 10 mos and my 1, 2 1/2yrs) and off we went. Of course we had waited so long that by now I was having contractions and we were in the middle of San Francisco/Oakland rush hour traffic. It took us a long time to drive across the Bay Bridge and to get to my Mom and Dad's house. The whole time I was driving Carol was periodically asking me if I was alright and if I needed her to drive. I told her that I was just fine. Our drive should have been about 30 mins, but ended up being closer to 2 hours. We finally got to my parents house. We gave the girls to my Mom and headed off to the hospital. I went to check in and Carol took the car to park it. In those days not the Dad's nor anyone else were not allowed to go into the labor or delivery rooms, but Carol decided to wait in the waiting room. They checked me and sure enough I was in labor. By this time there was no mistaking the fact. I knew I was in labor and I could definitely feel the strong contractions. After 3 hours, with no medication whatsoever, I was ready to push. After pushing for a while with no baby, the nurse began pushing on the top of my uterus and the doctor was tugging and pulling from the bottom. Soon my darling boy was born. He was just beautiful from the beginning. He was 7lbs, had lots of dark hair and dark eyes. I was just totally thrilled and totally in love. A funny side note: When the nurse went to the waiting room to announce the birth, she asked for the husband of Natalie A. Carol went running up and said, "What is it?" The nurse said she could only tell the Father." Being so excited and not thinking, Carol replied, "Oh, I'm the Father." When she got strange looks she realized what she was saying and had to explain her error. HaHa
Unknown to me, Dh decided early that afternoon to pay a surprise visit to S.F. for the week-end. He arrived at my parents home sometime late that evening. They were in the middle of a Halloween party and so all the guests had the pleasure of announcing the birth of his new son to him. I had the surprise of having him come to the hospital to meet his new little baby on the very day that he was born. I do not think that it was a coincidence that he decided to come on this particular day.

Alec has grown up to be a most wonderful, thoughtful, patient man. He is married to the love of his life, Kelly, and they have a beautiful daughter, Katie. I am lucky to be his Mom.
He has always been very sweet and tender with me (even in the days when he was a super active little boy and young man).
Alec and Kelly ran a 1/2 marathon just a week ago. He wanted to finish in 1hr 45 and finished in 1:44:44. He was happy to beat his goal. Kelly beat her goal too.
One time he and 2 of his buddies ran a race pushing the Bishop's handicapped son in a wheel chair. They switched off pushing the chair every 3 or 4 mins. The young man was thrilled and said that he had wanted to be in a race all his life and that now his dream had come true.

I am so blessed to be his mother.


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Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Alec. Congratulations to him on meeting his goal for the race.

I always love reading your stories of the birth of your children.