Monday, October 5, 2009

Mimizan, Landes, France

The next stop on our trip was Mimizan, where Laurent(Dh's brother) lives. There are beautiful forests all throughout this department (Landes) of France, but as I wrote before there was terrible destruction in Jan. when a huge storm passed through. Here you see more of the destroyed lands.

Close to his house is this pretty lake.

This cute little girl is Lisa (pronounced with a z sound). This cutie took a liking to me and we had a lot of fun together. When I told her I didn't speak French very well, she said that was ok and then whenever I made a mistake, she would gently whisper the correct way for me. It was so sweet. At one point she asked me if I was wearing make-up. When I replied yes, she exclaimed, "Ooooo tu es belle!" which means, oh you are beautiful. It doesn't take much for a little one to think you are beautiful. A little make-up, play a few games and there you go.:) We stopped at Christine's house for a very late lunch after first going to church in Anglet. It took us about 2 hours to get there, but only 15 minutes more to get to Laurent's house.

Laurent is Lisa's father and the husband of Laurence. Laurence is one of the daughters of Laurent (Dh's bro.)They are still so sad because Matthieu, their little 10 year old boy died 3 years ago. He had several severe handicaps and they took perfect care of him. Everyone says that he was a sweet, gentle boy who was always smiling and always happy. We got an opportunity to talk to this sweet family about the gospel and about how they can be together forever as a family. Several times during our conversation they teared up and a few times L had to leave to compose himself, but they were very interested in all we had to say. I love the fact that families can be together forever, for that is so sweet and who more would you want to be with forever than the ones you love best.

Christine and Laurence, 2 sisters.

Some pictures of Christine's and Jean Marie's house.

Laurent and Laurence

A side view of the house. Downstairs is a basement with some rooms including a large room where we all ate. Jean Marie made the best Paella. He loves to cook.

The front of the house.
Jean Marie and Christine

An inlet from the ocean near the house.

The Atlantic in the background.

One day while we were in Mimizan, Laurent took us all out to an Arabic restaurant for Couscous. It was sooooo delicious. After the meal we were served mint tea. The waiter poured it into tiny shot size glasses that were on a tray. He was standing and holding the teapot quite high. It was fun to see the steam of tea go straight into the tiny glasses without a drop spilling anywhere. The tea was very sweet and the waiter explained that for the tiny teapot he puts in a lot of mint leaves and 3 sugars. This restaurant was right by the seashore.

This is Laurent and Nicole's backyard. It back up into the forest.

Their house.

One late afternoon we went for a walk to a nearby lake. The walkway is surrounded on each side by lots of beautiful flowers. This flower park is a nautural preserve and has spots for camping that back right up to it. It is much more beautiful in spring and summer, but even this late in the year there were many beautiful flowers and bushes.

When we got to the end of the path we saw 2 airplanes practising firefighting. They would swoop down and skim the water, filling their bellies full with water to dump on the fires. They reminded me of Pelicans swooping down and filling their beaks with fish and water.

I loved watching this fisherman. It was such a peaceful and idyllic scene.

This is a church in Mimizan which was closed.

Pictures of Laurent and Nicole's home.

This is the bedroom we slept in.
The pretty armoire in the bedroom.

The church in Sabres. Dh lived in Sabre from 1952 to 1954. He went to school and worked on the farm.

This is the section where he sat with his family.

I think this is the choir loft. It was quite narrow.

The churches are old and they are all full of beautiful art work, wood work etc.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your husband's family would embrace the gospel? That would be the ultimate missionary experience I would thing

Yvonne said...

It must have been so wonderful for your husband to share the Plan of Salvation and the knowledge that families can be together forever with them.

How wonderful you can visit the people and places that have meant so much to him.

Justin Idiart said...

Merci for the pictures of Mimizan. I have this picture of me as a kid with a blue t-shirt that says Mimizan and has a sailboat on it. What a beautiful place.