Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Lilloween" Party 2009

Last night we and the missionaries put on a great Halloween party for the 2 wards. It was so so much fun and I think everyone had a good time. We had at least 130 in attendance. Lots of people and their kids came dressed up. Manu and the missionaries did the decorations and they were awesome. We had apple dunking, stick your face in the flour to get candy, eat the donut off the string, and of course we had a buffet. I made a huge( 4.5lbs uncooked) pasta salad. I also made severa pumpkin breads. Other people brought food too, so there was salad and cake left over. That was taken care of by the missionaries after church today. They ate every last crumb.:) They love when I have left-overs for them.
Guillaume and Cristophe. Enjoying some good conversation.
We had a room all set up where kids and older folks too could watch Halloween movies.

Some of the fun decorations. We also had a smoke machine. In this picture the party is just beginning.

Pumpkins all ready to be decorated.

This guy was watching over the drinks table which was not yet filled up. I bought 40 large bottles of various sodas, water, and juices.

There were lots of spiders everywhere. One could even find hidden spiders, like the hidden Mickey's, if one looked really hard.

Iris, Ben's wife is expecting her 4th baby. It's a little girl and she will be born in 2 months.

We had face painting which the kids loved.

This is the Geanilse Pruvost family. They have a fun love story. Rudy's friend had a friend in Brazil whom he went to visit. After his visit, he told Rudy that he must write via e-mail to Ninha, the friend's sister. They began e-mailing and their relationship grew. Finally Rudy took a long trip to Brazil to meet Ninha. His trip extended to about 6 months. They fell in love, got married and now live in France. Rudy got baptized in March and Ninha is getting baptized by Dh next Saturday. They have this cute little baby boy, Marc.

Samuel, Pauline and Clothilde. Samuel is already a member and we are teaching Clothilde the gospel. Little Pauline is so cute. She and I play legos a lot.:)

Jean Luc, whom Dh baptized and his son Jeremy. Joseph is Jean Luc's step-son. Joseph just arrived here from Ecuador about a month ago with his grandmother. Hisela, his mother, has been trying to get him into France for 7 years. She left him with the grandmother when he was only 3 years old. Here's Joseph again. It is a little hard for him right now because he only speaks Spanish and also he doesn't really know his Mom yet.

The kids had a lot of fun throwing balls at these cans and knocking them over. It was a very noisy activity.

There was a cake decorating contest, but we forgot to have a judging. Maybe next time.

Brigette was baptized last month.
Her little boy, Ryan, is probably the most active little kid I have ever seen.(I've seen lots and lots of kids) Anne-Lise is a sweet little baby. She is so quiet and she never cries. She's the complete opposite of her brother. The father "ran away". :(
2 little cousins.

Watching the movie.

Manu's Mom, Francoise. She is a kick. We have some good times with her.
Manu as the tour guide of "La Maison Hantee". He and the missionaries had the most awesome haunted house on the stage. As each group of 7 entered he told them that they were entering a house that was haunted, that there were only dead people there and lots of ghosts. He warned that you better hold hands and be very careful and that once you were in, you might not come out. Walking through the house one got grabbed by the ankles or jumped out at. One had to pass a spot where you had to feel guts, eyeballs, and brains.EWWWWWW! :) There were tattered curtains everywhere, lots of smoke, and a table with a head on a platter. When Manu lifted the cover off the platter, the head screamed. Then you had to crawl through a short tunnel to the backyard which was full of graves and headstones. Some of the graves had "dead people" who sat up or shouted or something. It was very well done. Some of the kids got too scared to go past a few of the scenes in the haunted house. Some of them left crying, "J'ai peur" I'm scared. We didn't let really little kids go in. The ghosts, dead people, grabbers, moaners, criers and screamers(aka the missionaries) had a ball.
Here are Raquel and Amaya. Raquel is from Spain and is expecting little Alex. Her husband Tomas served his mission in Spain. After his mission was over, he went back to visit friends and they met at an activity. They are a lovely young couple. Thomas is in the Bishopric.
Caroline was taking a break from the festivties in the foyer. She is preparing for an exam. Now that her children are older, she is back in school.

A huge spider guarding the entrance to the chapel. We didn't want anyone to go in there. The other door was barred with a tangle of ropes.
This picture shows the very last activity that we had. It was a pinata that looked like a pumpkin, although at this point you can't tell. All the pinata's here have to be hand made. The kids walked around in a circle singing e-i-e-i-o and then the one with the stick got to hit the pinata 3 times. They did it many times and sang louder and louder until it finally broke. I have lived through lots of Halloween's, trunk or treats, trick or treats, parties, parades, etc and have enjoyed it a lot. It's so much fun for the kids and me too. When Alec had his birthday parties, I think he also had a pumpkin carving contest. You know, boys love knives and carving.
I remember one year I dressed up as a clown. My son Michael was about 4 or 5 at the time. He did not recognize me. He asked me a few times, "Are you my Mom?" Then he said, "Are you Natalie?" and finally he said, "Are you Sister Arhets?" HA! I assured him that I was, but it took him about 1/2 hour before he was finally convinced. Maybe he was only 3. I guess my mind is going.
One year Anna's cat, Blackie, was catnapped on Halloween day. We always tried to keep him inside on Halloween and a few days before, but this year he somehow got out. We were all so sad, especially Anna. That night she was out with her friends when she spotted Blackie being carried by a group of older teen-agers. She, without any fear, ran right up to them, said, "That's my cat." and grabbed Blackie away from them. I think she was very brave to do that and I know she was so happy to be reunited with her best cat.
One year Alec and his family came to visit during Halloween. Katie was just little, maybe 2 or 3. We all dressed up and went trick or treating. Alec was dressed as a ninja guy. He ran ahead of us and hid in the bushes. As we came up to the hedge, he jumped out. Boy was that the wrong thing to do. Katie just lost it. He scared her so much. She cried for a long time. He still feels bad when her remembers scaring his little girl.
There are lots of other stories, but I'll save them for another day.


The Texas Bakers said...

What a fun fun party! I guess I never thought about Halloween celebrations anywhere else... Those cakes were excellent.

Yvonne said...

You two are AMAZING. What a fun activity. (Halloween is universal, eh; )

I think a cake contest without judging is the only way to go.

I loved all the stories.