Sunday, July 19, 2009

Picnic with the JA's

Saturday we had a really fun picnic with the JA's. We met at the church and then we all went to a beautful park in Villenueve D'Ascq. All together there were 17 young adults. We thought it was just great. In the summer many, many people leave for "Vacances". So, it was really wonderful to have so many attend. We all ate lunch and then we played lots of different games. DH played frisbee and catch the football. I played UNO. They played some other board games. Then we all ate ice creams. Dh and I went for a little walk by the lake. Afterwards we watched them play volleyball, soccer and a game kind of like dodge ball. Dh went and sat in the shade and did some reading out of the Joseph Smith Manual. He was checking out some things for a few of our investigators. I chatted with some of the girls. They always have to catch me up on some of their "boy problems". The youth had a great time and so did we. We are the only ones that are so old who attend and all of them are so especially nice to us. They always want us to be there with them and they always include us in their activities. I think that is especially nice of them.
Here we are enjoying our ice creams.
Kicking back.

The 2 girls in the front left are from Saint Quentin. They are twins and came up with Natacha and Naomi for the activity. Some of the other youth are Aurore, Anne-Louise, Manu, Remi, Guillaume, and Giovani. Not everyone is in the pictures.

Playing dodge ball(sort of). It is their own version.:)

Noemi, on the left, is studying landscape design. She is away for the summer and just came for the activity. In the middle is Elena. She just got back from a mission to London. She is continuing her university studies in the fall. On the right is Clemence. She is brand new to our group. She and her twin, Sophie, just turned 18. These 2 girls are awesome musicians. They play the piano and conduct the music during sacrament meeting every week. They will be starting university in the fall.


Robin said...

Rick got a new calling so we will be attending the single ward and all their activities. He in the Bishopric.

Yvonne said...

Looks like fun--I bet the girls love having you to talk with--even though we haven't "really" met, I just know you would be a great listener.

Nancy Face said...

That looks super fun, and the park is so pretty! :)