Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We have some very nice neighbors, David, Stephanie, and Manon. They are off to the the south of France for a vacation. We are kitty-sitting Tigru, better known as Doudou. The first day he was here was spent under our bed. The next day he came out because he wanted to eat. After that he has made himself at home. He is quite a nice cat and quite happy here. He spends his days eating, sleeping, and looking at the world through the front window.

Several weeks ago we were home teaching with Bro. Courselle. When we were all done with our visits, he dropped Dh and I off at home and off he went. We soon realized that Dh had left the keys on the back seat of the car. We tried and tried calling him, but no answer. We tried his daughter and we tried the daughter's boyfriend. All to no avail. We figured that because it was fri. eve. he was off to dinner with his wife. So, we were stuck. We could not get into our apt. Luckily for us, our nice neighbors came to the rescue. They invited us to their apartment where Dh visited while Stephanie and I went to B.C's house to see if maybe he was there. He wasn't. We went back to their apt. and they invited us to stay for dinner. They said that if it gets to be too late, we could even sleep there. The Courselle's finally called us several hours later and yes, they had gone out to dinner. They came and gave us our keys, but we ended up staying until midnight eating and playing games with our neighbors. It's so nice to have nice neighbors. That evening was the first time I ever ate ratatouille and it was delicious. I have even made it since then and mine turned out really good too.:)


Yvonne said...

It is wonderful to have such great neighbors.

Robin said...

You are such a wonderful cook. Of course your turned out great.