Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100th Post

I can't believe I've written 100 posts. I have surprised myself. I am actually enjoying writing and am using it as an on-line journal. So, I am going to write 100 things about myself.
1. I am a child of god.
2. I love my Heavenly Father
3. I love Jesus Christ
4. I want to follow Him and serve Him always.
5. I love my Dh and have the best one in the world.
6. I love my 8 children.
7. I love my 12 grandchildren and the little grandson on his way.
8. I love my little great-granddaughter on her way.
9. I'm sure I will love all of my future grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
10.I was born in Shanghai, China.
11.I was married in San Francisco, California.
12.I married a Frenchman
13.I love teaching.
13.My first job was in a fancy shoe store in Stonestown, Ca.
14.My next job was at the City of Paris in downtown S.F. where I worked in all of the depts.
15.I was an underwriter's assistant at Liberty Mutural Ins. co.
16.I taught grades 1,3,4,and Kndg (my favorite).
17.I was a Reading Specialist for grades 1-6.
18.I taught Special Ed. high school age kids.
19.I was a SAHM and I loved it.
20.I have visited Hawaii.
21.and China.
22.and France.
23.and Spain.
24.and Belgium.
25.and Netherlands.
26.I have cruised to Mexico.
27.I have lived in China.
28.Richmond Annex, Ca.
29.San Francisco, Ca.
30.North Edwards, Ca.
31.Lancaster, Ca.
32.Ft. Worth, Tx.
35.and KIDS
37.I have the best DAUGHTER-In-LAW
38.I have the best SONS-IN-LAW
39.My favorite color is pink.
40.I graduated from George Washington High School.
41.I graduated from San Francisco State U.
42.I have my teaching credential.
43.I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
44.I love dancing.
45.I love reading.
46.I love cooking.
47.I love to travel.
48.I love to kids.
49.I love sewing.
50.I love road trips.
51.I like to watch movies.
52.I like animals.
53.I let my kids have every pet you can imagine. (Didn't like all of them.)
54.I like the beach.
55.I like chocolate.
56.I like T.V.
57.I love babies.
58.I was once in a car race at Laguna Seca.
59.I used to fly an airplane with my friend who was a boy.
60.I love the theatre.
61.I used to perform in the theatre at school and college.
62.I like music, but I also like quiet.
63.I play the piano (some). Good enough to play hymns at church, but not great.
64.I like to play games.
65.I like parties.(planning them, giving them, going to them)
66.I like to swim.
67.I used to skate. (roller and ice)
67.I used to water ski.
68.I like some crafts, but am just okay at them.
69.I have two artificial knees.
70.I love pretty flowers.
71.I don't like math.
72.I don't like caviar.
73.I love sushi.
74.and Thai. food.
75.and Chinese food.
76.and Russian food.
77.and Italian.
78.and almost all kinds of food.
79.I speak, read, and write Russian.
80.and English.
81.I am learning French.
82.I am a romantic.
82.I like things to be super neat and clean.
83.I don't mind doing laundry.
84.I dislike cleaning the stove.
85.I almost never take out the trash.
86.I can knit.
87.I can crochet.
88.I like to quilt.
89.My friend and I made lots of quilts for the baby linus project.
90.I love Charmela.(who lived with us)Lucky us!
91.I have had 3 Japanese exchange students live with us at different times.
92.I was a coordinator for the Japanese exchange student program.
93.I was also a teacher of the Japanese students.
94.I love to spend time with my family.
95.I love to spend time with my friends.
96.I have served in a soup kitchen quite a few times.
97.I have been a temple worker in the Los Angeles, Dallas, and Hague Temples.
98.I have had just about every calling in Relief Society and Primary.
99.I have never served in Young Women.
100. I am grateful for all of my many blessings and think that I am one of the most blessed women in the world. I have a great husband and wonderful children and grandchildren. I am blessed every single day by a God who loves me and loves us all. I love His gospel and especially I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice for each of us. Because of him we will all have eternal life. I pray each day that each of us will be worthy to return to live with him, in exaltation, one day.


One For All said...

And I love you!!! You are so sweet for including me and making me feel like so special!

One For All said...

by the way...that's me up there ^^^^ :) Charmela

marcia@joyismygoal said...

WOW i knew a lot of those but not how well traveled and the vast work experience you have had You are an awesome lovely woman

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Congrats on 100~ it goes by fast doesn't it? Have you met Elder Jeremy Wells from Utah yet?

Nancy Face said...

Happy 100th! :)

I have about 35 things in common with you from your list! :)

The Wendler Family said...

So fun to read! I just love you. Really. You are such a wonderfully amazing woman. Isn't blogging great to be like a journal? That's what I try to do with mine too.
I didn't know you lived in north edwards. Random! Oh, and I love the beach too, but it has never been the same without camping at the beach with your family.

Yvonne said...

It was so great to learn all of these things about you.

Does the City of Paris store still exist? You were in a race at Laguna Seca and you used to fly a plane--wow. I LOVED roller skating.

Natalie said...

City of Paris was one of the fanciest, high end, department stores in S.F. Alas, it no longer exits.

Robin said...

Thoseare really neat I oftern think about your 100 apron...super ideal... miss you