Friday, July 3, 2009

Gravenstein Castle, Gent, Belgium

In June we got to visit Gravenstein Castle in Gent, Belgium. We had a fun day together with another couple, Elder and Sister Hickenbotham.
This building was right by the castle.

The castle walls.

Street in Gent right by the Castle.

The entrance.

One of the first rooms that you walk through.

There were many, many weapons on display.
The suit of armour was very small. The people at the time must have been really short and little.
This sword and almost all of the swords were longer than me.

Many of them were longer than DH.


A stone window seat. Not too warm and comfy in the winter time.

The top of the castle.

Views from some of the crenels.

Looking down the hole to the isolation dungeon.


Sack to catch the head.

Music corner.

Stretching table.

Funnel to pour in water.

Another torture table.



Torture necklaces.

Leather straight jackets.


nikko said...

What a fun castle to visit. Can you imagine being strong enough to carry around (and use!) one of those swords???

Yvonne said...

Castles are something else--WOW. Those weapons are something.

Robin said...

Neat castle..but scary on earth did they ever carry those swords.. they are huge. Maybe they just hope someone fall onthem..hahah. You guys look great. I sure miss you.