Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amiens, Jules Verne, Cemetary

Today we had a wonderful trip to Amiens, France. We spent the day with the Hickenbothams who live there.
This is a picture of Jules Verne. This great, prolific writer had the greatest imagination. 3 of his famous works are; A Journey to the Center of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in Eighty Days. He lived in Amiens for many years and was buried there.
We visited the Cathedrale Notre Dame. This is the world's largest Gothic Church and the largest and most classical of French Churches. It was built in 1152. It has endured more than 9 centuries, surviving the French Revolution, and 2 World Wars. In 1218, it was burnt by lightnings, but has been restored. Many of the stained glass windows were broken during bombings and have been replaced by plain glass or modern stained glass.

This is a huge labyrinth inside the church.

The cathedral in huge! It is magnificent! It is filled with gorgeous statues, carvings, bas reliefs, friezes, paintings, tapestries, etc. It is hard to imagine how beautiful it is, even looking at the photos.

Inside of this glass covered case is a piece of bone that was from the finger of John the Baptist. A painting showing hi decapitation.

These are the bones from the skull of John the Baptist brought from Constatinopolein 1206.

Names and a memorial to the soldiers in France.

A picture of the laser light show that they do at the cathedral.

Notice the apostles who are holding their heads (martyred).

Houses across the square from the cathedral.

Parking lot by the cathedral.
Coming to the house of Jules Verne

The house is quite spacious inside. I could not believe that they had so many artifacts, books, dishes, furniture, maps, rugs, etc. just set out for people to look at and to touch. No photos allowed.

A mural in the front courtyard.

Front of the house.

Park in the center of town. Cathedral in background.

We visited this wonderful cemetary. It reminded me so much of Phantom of the Opera. The old section was just amazing. I took pictures of some of the headstones and mausaleums(sp?)

It was set in a beautiful wooded area. Some of them were kept up and some of them have just rotted away. It was peaceful, but I wouldn't want to be their on Halloween night.

Some of them were just enormous.

Lots of the iron was rusted away and their was tons of moss on everything.

Jules Vern's grave. He believed that after he was buried that he could not be kept down, but that he would break through and live again.

Driving home we passed a lot of beautiful french countryside. France is really a beautiful country. I remember landing in France in 1979 and thinking that it looked like a beautiful patchwork of all shades of green. It is still that beautiful patchwork. Today I did see fields being watered.


Yvonne said...

You do such a great job of documenting everything. I always learn so much--thank you.

I agree about the cemetery--definitely wouldn't want to be there on HALLOWEEN ; )

France really is a beautiful country.

Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

Robin said...

Awesome pictures. Norte Dame was very pretty. I loved taking the train in France.. It was great. Glad your thumb is bette,how truly blessed we are.. Heavenly Father really takes care of us.