Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Apartment

These are our neighbors geese. I am not sure if the are guard geese or if they are waiting to be someone's yummy dinner. Although you can't tell in the picture, they are huge! They are the fattest geese I have ever seen. They also make a good alarm clock early in the morning. In the late morning after they have been out quite far and for quite a long time, they come running back to the house at top speed, honking and flapping their wings. I think it is dinner time for them.
Our front room, study, dining room combination. We are ordering new carpets for this room one day this week. Let's see how many weeks it will be before they will come and install it.

Our study area. The table on the left has to be propped against the wall and by the table on the right. Otherwise it will fall right down. Even so, it is quite wobbly.

Our dining room table and bookshelf. The chairs will need to be painted and seats re-upholstered when we get some time and the proper equip. to do it. Do you love our Christmas tree?

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The Wendler Family said...

Yes, I DO love the Christmas tree! You're place is so European!Different than what you are used to here, but special in its own way.
Be careful with that table! I could see you casually setting down your scriptures and the whole table tumbling down! :) Cute place.