Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Bailleul

Wonderful Belgian chocolates are a great way to start Christmas day don't you think. We each had on about 11:00 and then we took off to pick up the Elders and drive to Bailleul, a quaint little town in France.
We were invited to spend the day with the Degraves a kind, well-respected family in the area.
We arrived to the hustle and bustle of a big family which made us feel right at home.
We had a huge delicious meal which lasted for about 4 hours. We started out with appetizers of little bread rounds spread with pate of olives, pate of anchovies, and pate of eggplant. I didn't try the anchovie, but the other two were pretty good. Then we had raw oysters and escargots. DH did not even eat one oyster. He remembers gagging on as a young kid. He did have one escargot. I ate 2 oysters which I liked and I really liked the escargot although a lot of the kids even here in France said EUH! Then we had boudin blanc or white sausage served with a prune sauce (very mushy) which was just delicious. I loved it. Out main course was chapons. It took us a long time to figure what it was. They said it was a small turkey, but not a turkey. Finally with the help of a computer we found out that they were capons or castrated chickens. They were very tender and tasty. We ate these with green beans and little mashed potatoe balls, about the size of gumballs, fried like mashed potatoes. These were also very tasty. Then many went to the town square for a walk and some like most of the kids for ice skating. When we returned the meal continued. We had salad, a variety of cheeses with bread and finally Bouche de Noel and chocolate candies. The Bouche used to be cake, but now they make them out of ice cream, so they are ice cream cake bouces. They were yummy. We were so full.
After that we still had to take the Elders to another town so they could eat dinner with another family. I don't know how they managed to eat again, but they said it would be no problem. I guess big boys can eat a lot.:)
After we dropped the Elders off, DH got to talk to his french family. They talked and laughed for a whole hour. It was great for him and them too. We also got to talk to all of our family either Christmas day or the day before.
We had a wonderful day, although I must say that I missed my own family a lot, a lot!
But, the work of the Lord must go on, so I must be brave. We are impressed with the testimonies and love of the Lord that these wonderful Saints here have.

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. We love you.


Yvonne said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I'm so glad you were with lots of people--like you said, that must make you feel like you were back home.

LOL at the comment about the Elders going to eat another meal.

Don't you just love how your meals last forever--so much better than working so hard to prepare a meal that's over in 15 minutes ; )

Merry Christmas.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Thanks for visiting- I guessed you belong to txmommy and utmommy- it is indeed a small world. I thought that for sure when I saw my nephew and sister in law on utmommy's blog one day.

I hope you were able to enjoy calling home on Christmas. We spoke to our son on Christmas eve- and it is always so wonderful to hear his voice, I am sure you can relate. I was thinking that someone who knows my son is serving in Belgium, but I can't think who it is. I will have to ask him-

Have a great week.

Damian Idiart said...

I am glad that I finally was directed to your blog. I loved reading about the Christmas feast. It reminded me so much of my mission. The two of you are wonderful examples to us. Keep the entries and the pictures rolling. We love to live vicariously through you. Love, Damian

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I am back- it is our friends' son who is leaving for the MTC on Jan 28, and will be in the Belgium Brussels/Netherlands mission- is that the same as your mission? His name is Jeremy Wells. My best friend in High School served there as well- although way too long ago.

One For All said...

Wow, it certainly looks like you have made lots of new friends and are starting to feel like home out there. The food all sounds delicious and the company sounds great too. Thanks for sharing all of your cute stories.

Dan-izie said...

Im so glad your being a good poster!~ I cant wait to go on a mission with greg! Love you!!!
Happy New Year

Robin said...

Oh how I miss you... YOu are doing such good work there.. Hows Emily any news yet?

marcia@joyismygoal said...

wow I am so proud of you guys

The Wendler Family said...

What a wonderful Christmas! I'm so glad that you had wonderful people to celebrate with!
I don't know that I would have eaten raw oysters, though Tim loves little cans of it and would it them every day if he could. That and I am so proud that you ate escargot! I've had it before and it wasn't my favorite. The white sausage and capons sound super good with potatos and green beans sounds sooo good! Oh and the bread and cheese. Seriously! That's so wonderful! Let me say that from my experience of traveling Europe and eating the many chocolates, Belgian chocolate is better than German or Swiss, hands down! It it the best way to start any day. Christmas wouldn't be any different. :)
I'm glad you are eating so well. :)