Monday, December 22, 2008

More apt pictures

Look at this table. Have you ever seen anything like it? The fish are made of brass. When we arrived it was proudly displayed in the middle of the room. I like it much better kind of hidden by the window. Looking into our kitchen. When you rent or buy and apartment here in Belgium and in France, it comes completely bare. No cupboards, floors, appliances, fixtures, nothing. I think our kitchen is rather cute. It's small but it works well, although I am still trying to learn how to use the oven.
My first experience with the oven was rather sad. I still didn't have my pc, so I didn't know how to check the temp convertion to adjust the heat. Well, I guessed and put the chicken in. About 1/2 hr. later I went to check it. When I opened the door, a huge cloud of steam and smoke came out of the oven setting off the fire alarm, which we didn't even know we had. DH went to search for the fire alarm while I was opening all the windows and doors to air out the place. Before 5 mins had passed the police were here to check things out. Luckily we were able to shut off the alarm and before the police got to the 3rd floor all was quiet. The chicken was not burnt, but it was the toughest old hen I have ever tried. We really couldn't even eat it. The next day I made soup out of her. It made me remember when a few friends of mine and I went to Sister Tongs farm to help her slaughter and clean her old hens. There were about 100 old chickens in that pen. That was the most disgusting afternoon! Each person had a job. Some had to kill the old hens, others had to hand them up upside down so the blood would drip out. Ugh! Others had to dip them in water and pluck the feathers. My job was to clean out the innards and there were other various jobs. I remember the Sisters taking turns killing the chickens. I just couldn't do it although Sister Ferrari tried and tried to have me take a turn. It was too gross; chickens running all over the pen, flapping their wings, squawking, etc. I guess I would not be a good farmer.

More of our kitchen. I am taller than the refrigerator. Can you imagine that? I am finally taller than something.

The other side of the kitchen and a view into the living room. the door to the right leads to a storage room where we have the water barrel and an old cupboard that I use as a pantry.

The spare bedroom. It is waiting for some curtains.


txmommy said...

I love your little kitchen, it's so cute :)

The Wendler Family said...

The kitchen is cute! I'm sorry about your trouble with the oven. I can't imagine. I'm sure the soup with the chicken was tastey. :) I'm glad you were able to still use it. You'll get used to the temp conversion in no time. :) Your story about the killing and cleaning the old hens made my stomach turn! I wouldn't make a good farmer either!

** Dre and Yoho ** said...

The apt is soo cute! love you and cant wait to visit!!