Thursday, December 25, 2008


Here are our missionaires. First we have Elder Bailey from Seattle, Wash and Elder Neilsen from Tremonton Utah. They are the Zone leaders. These two are the greatest. They are spiritually inclined, smart, and have great sense of humors. Next we have our Sister Trio. Sister Boucout is from Guadelupe. In the middle is Sister Stay from American Fork, Utah, and on the left is Sister Santos from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The sisters are just awesome.

Irene is the girl on the left. She is from the U.S. but has moved a lot. Her origins are in Korea. She served a mission in Toulouse, France and is now on a Teaching Assistant Assignment from BYU. She already has her B.A. and is working on her masters. She is a lovely young woman. The missionary in the midst of the girls is Elder Perez from Toulouse, France. He speaks a little English, but not as much as he first led me to believe. His french is sooo fast. When I ask him to slow down, he says, "No, No" . Well we were doing some role plays at the last mtg and we were doing it in English. He said "Oh, too fast". Well Elder I said now we have the reverse situation. We all laughed. He is full of fun. Next we have Elder Riley from S.L.C. Utah. He is the district leader. He's very quiet and serious all the time, but a real go getter. His companion, in the middle, is Elder Cabrera. He is brand new from Oregon. He is full of fire, smart and the nicest guy. On the right is Elder Baker from Manchester, England. What a great guy. I love talking to him. Actually all of these Elders and Sisters are just awesome. You can really feel the spirit strongly when you are with any one of them. They put the Lord first in all things and they are having very successful missions. We are blessed to be working with them and we have grown to love them even in this short time.
I don't know why my computer is being so crazy. I can't seem to format my paragraphs to go where I want them. Oh well, I figure this is better than nothing. Hope you all understand.

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