Friday, December 26, 2008


This is the wonderful Degrave family with whom we spent Christmas day. To the left is Raquel who married their son Tomas. They have a little daughter, Amaya who is 22 months old. In the middle is Stephanie and then there is Claire, the Mom. The Degrave's have 10 children and 22 grandchildren with one daughter in labor right now and another one due any day. At this time Bro. Degrave is suffering with Parkinsons which is affecting his muscles so much that he cannot eat and has to be tube fed. He also is mostly bedridden although he did briefly get up. At one point he even took a short stroll in his garden with DH, a feat which amazed his family. He is a former Stake Pres. and is also a Patriarch, so I think the two of them had something to talk about. Next is Elise(daughter). She is about to have a baby any day. She and her hubby have 3 children. Marc is the high council rep for Outreach so we will be working with him. He served his mission in Greece and there he learned to speak English as well as Greek. He says that Greece is the most difficult mission in the church and that the people are extremely hard to teach although he did love them. Remember that Greeks are pretty stubborn and also "every word has a Greek root" :) Who knows what movie I'm quoting? Marc and his brother develop, construct and run several day care centers that are centered in large business corporations.

Next we have David, a fireman and Elder Baker from Manchester.

This is Claire and me. Claire says that we have so many things in common and I agree. We hit it off right away.
The final picture is Stephanie and David. They have 3 children. Stephanie served her mission in Scotland and he in England. Both speak great English, so I lucked out. I had lots of people to talk to.


Christine said...

Hello Sister Natalie! So fun to see you in the missino! You guys look great and the town is beautiful. What a sweet family you spent Christmas with. I'm glad you got to talk to your family and I'm sure its hard to be gone but what a wonderful work you are doing. I'm glad you got our card. We love you guys and pray that the work will progress for you. Looks like you have some great missionaries there. We love you guys.

The Wendler Family said...

I love the picture of you and Clair! It does sound like you to will be great friends! I can't believe how many kids are in the Degraves family! I know its only one more than in my family, but in France?! They must hold the record! What a blessing John must have been for the family to be able to walk and talk with the father in garden. How great for everyone! You two are a blessing where ever you go! I just love reading about your adventures. Keep up the great work! Love you lots!