Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Trip

Tonight we go to Michael and JaNee's to spend the night and tomorrow before the crack of dawn we are flying to California to spend a little over a week with Anna, Amadeo, and adorable baby Joneaux.  We will be there for Thanksgiving and John plans to run in the turkey trot again this year.  He loved doing it last year and has been running ever since.  I can't wait to go and see my sweet Anna and her family.   I only wish our entire family could be together.

Cute little Joneaux in the bubbles on top having fun at Aunt Lana's house.

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Connie said...

Oh, have so much fun. I didn't sign up for a Thanksgiving race this year. It's just not the same without my daughters to run with. Maybe next year.

Cute bubbly picture!