Monday, November 21, 2011

Papa's Birthday

 Happy Birthday to an awesome guy.  Everyone loves John and I'm so blessed to have him for a husband.  He is a great guy and is always the same at home as he is in public.  He is kind, helpful, honest, nice, hard-working, a great Dad and Papa.  He is an awesome leader in our home and at church. I love him now and forever.  Lucky me.
 Anna's in-laws invited us over for Sunday dinner and Anna baked a birthday pie for him.  He was surprised and the pie was delicious.

 Amadeo's parents are always so nice and kind to us.  His Dad, Ron, has been a Bishop and a Branch President.  He is currently a Patriarch and a Sealer at the San Diego Temple.  It was fun when Anna and Amadeo were first engaged to find out that both of the Dad's were Patriarchs.  Ron and Loretta have always been very welcoming to us.  Whenever we are visiting Anna, they invite us over to whatever might be going on.  We are happy that Anna has such nice family near her.

 Loretta and her youngest daughter Mary.
 I have been having fun with baby Joneaux.  He is so cute and smart too. He is so easy going and happy all the time.
Mary with J.D., her hubby, and Daniel, their nephew,  next to them.


Lana said...

Happy happy birthday to dad!!!

Janice said...

Just found the author! Elaine S. Marshall.

Connie said...

I missed this post! I hope John had a wonderful birthday!