Friday, November 4, 2011

Kindergarten art and poems

One last Halloween shot.  Early Sat morning this little group plus Val all went on our neighborhood 5K.  I stayed home warm and snuggly.  Maybe next year I will be in good enough shape to go with them.  Val and J quit early because J's foot hurt so bad, so they came home and Val helped or rather mostly did pumpkin pancakes and apple cider syrup for breakfast.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast and morning together and then they had to leave to go to another party.

My little side-kick Grace is the sweetest little girl.  Actually she WAS my side kick, but sadly she lives too far away now.  I  hate (really dislike a lot) that so many of my awesome kids live so far away from me.   I miss them a lot.  Anyway she showed me this cute calendar that she made when she was little and in Kngder.  Now she's big and in 1st grade.  :)  

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Yvonne said...

Such a cute calendar.

It's so hard when they live far away.