Monday, August 1, 2011

Chinese Lunch/ Boating

 Today was a relaxed, but very fun day.  In the morning Lana had a presidency meeting at her house.  She is the Young Women's President and she is awesome at it.  She always has the perfect lessons and great activities.  The young women just love her.  In fact since we've been here so many people have told me how wonderful she is and how much they love her.  Of course, I can only agree.  She is awesome.  After her mtg we went out to Chinese lunch.  It was so yummy.
 We were so full after we ate.  We came home and Lana and the kids immediately changed and went to the pool.  I took a little 16 minute rest and then joined them.  The water was so refreshing and we stayed at the pool for a few hours.
In the evening we went boating.  The Zawada family invited us to go out on their beautiful boat.  E really, really didn't want to go because he wanted to go and practice soccer, so Papa ended up taking him.  That was just as well because he really doesn't like water sports or even swimming very much.  However when we first started dating so many years ago, he happily came to the river and swam and went to the lake and did all kinds of water activities.  I tease him and say that he "tricked" me into thinking he loved water activities because I do, but if you ask him he will deny it.  Anyway it all turned out quite well.  He enjoyed his time with E.  E was happy and we all enjoyed our time on the boat.  Little G was scared to go tubing, but after she went she wanted to do it again and again.

Our time was cut short by an incoming thunder and lightening storm with a tiny bit of rain.  We then went to the Zawada's and all had pizza, hot wings, and great company to finish out our evening.


Connie said...

It sounds like a full and fun day! A little bit of lightning can cause a day on the lake to end quickly!

So glad you're having a good time!

Lil' M said...

sounds like you are having fun and is that u with g and lana or one of the of the zwadas family

Yvonne said...

I can't imagine that there isn't Lana does that isn't GREAT. Of course, everyone would love her.

Boating looks like the perfect end to your day.