Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last day in Maryland.

 Our last day in Maryland was so nice, but so sad for me.  I didn't want to leave my sweet family because I don't even know when we will be together again.  Yes, thank goodness for SKYPE, but it's just not the same.  We started out with a nice pancake breakfast.  H has become quite to good little cook.  She made dinner and several other things for us and everything turned out really good.
 Brother is a good little eater of certain foods.  Pancakes are one of the things he likes to eat.
 On the way to the airport we stopped for lunch at Sierra's restaurant or rather the restaurant where she works. Ha.  We just call it her restaurant.  I tried to get a good photo of her, but she was just moving around too quickly.  The management loves her and she makes really good tips too.  They are sad she will be leaving soon to move to Utah to go to school, but we are so happy to have her near us.  She is a most wonderful girl.  I actually can't wait for her to move.

We drove to the airport in the rain and then waited for quite a while for our plane.  Our flight was great except for the extra 45 minutes that we had to circle Denver airport in a holding pattern because of a big storm.  In fact, the entire airport was closed down for 45 minutes.  We finally got off the plane and hurried to gateA26 where our next flight was supposed to take off from.  We only had 15 minutes to get there. We ran and when we got there the flight was to Sacramento. We asked where our flight was changed to and they said another area clear on another side of the airport.  We were rushing and I just knew we wouldn't make it.  Fortunately a lady in a cart that you ride came by and we asked her for a ride.  She very nicely drove us to the gate only to discover that they flight wasn't there either. It was going to Los Angeles.   I asked the gate attendant again and was told another gate.  Of course it was in a totally different area again.   We finally got the the right gate and it was full of people.  Because of the storm everything had to be changed.  Then we had to wait for the people to deplane.  After that we had to wait again for the crew to arrive.  After about a half hour wait we were informed that the crew had gone to A26 where we were originally supposed to take off from.  So we had to wait again for the crew to arrive at the correct gate and check in and do whatever it is they have to do.  After this long delay we were able to board the plane.  But could we take off then.  Oh no.  More delays.  The row behind us and across had a seat full of vomit.  The people who were supposed to sit there obviously complained. We did not blame them one bit.  We then had to wait for housekeeping to come and clean the seat.  AFter they guy finally came and cleaned up he told the stewart that he would have to call somewhere else to get a new seat belt.  We waited and waited some more.  The guy came and changed the seat belt and we were finally on out way.  We arrived way late in S. L. C. and our grandson Greg was waiting for us.  Actually Greg is married to our granddaughter, but we claim him as a grandson.  We really appreciated his efforts of coming to get us in the middle of the night and driving us home.  We got into our house at 1:00 a..m. Utah time which was 3:00 a.m. Maryland time.  It was a long, tiring day.  We were grateful that our actual flights went so well and that we had nice seat companions on both legs of the trip.

The next morning we got up.  I got my hair cut by my granddaughter who so graciously came to my house to do it.  I am so appreciative of her and she does a really good job too.  After my hair cut we got things together and set off for California.  I did take a little time to hug and love my little Tal that I am missing so much.  Of course I took time to visit with Emily too.  I can't believe that she will have her little baby on Thursday.  We are so excited and can't wait to meet our new little grandson.  We went to Ca to visit John's sister and to go to a BBQ/reunion with my friends many of whom I haven't seen for 47 years.  We also drove down to San Diego to see our Anna and her family.   It took us 13 hours to drive to San Bruno and then over 9 hours to get to San Diego because of all the horrible traffic on the coast.  We have been doing a lot of driving and tomorrow we have about 12 hours to drive to go home.

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