Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Jakob is here.

 Well today was the big day.  Emily and Jose left for the hospital at 5:00 this morning.  I wanted to take this last being pregnant photo of her for her memories.  I think she looked really pretty and really, really ready to have that baby.

John and I arrived home from San Diego around 11:45 last night.  After unloading the car and putting a few things away we went to bed, but I couldn't sleep.  I was too excited and nervous for today.  I finally fell asleep around 2:00 a.m. and around 2:15 our smoke alarm went off.  It kept beeping and chirping all night long.  We couldn't get it to go off.  I finally left the bedroom and tried to sleep on the couch, but kept hearing that darn noise and was awake all night.  I finally got up and put some things away and then got ready to go to the hospital.  Andrea and I met up with Valerie there.  Sometime around 7:15 they took her in to get her spinal.  Pretty soon Jose went in.  We 3 gathered around a window which they had opened the blinds on and we could see into the operating theatre.  Unfortunately we mostly saw the doctors and only a glimpse of the c-section.  From the time the made the first cut to the baby being born took only 5 minutes.  The doctors had to tug and push and pull pretty hard to get him out.  In fact the doctor stood on his toes to get more force into his push.  As soon as little Jakob's head came out, they suctioned him and he began to cry.  What a very exciting moment.  
 This is Emily waiting for the c-section.
 Jose is all gowned up and ready too.

 The last few belly shots.

 Walking into the surgery room.

 Waiting again.

 You can see on the board that they began the incision at 7:36 and baby was born at 7:41.
 He's finally here.  Cute baby Jakob Asher.  Daddy gets to hold him and carry him to the little bassinet.

 Emily immediately after being wheeled back into her room.

 Mommy holding baby for the first time all by herself.  The very first time she saw him she didn't really get to hold him but got to look at him while the nurse was holding him up to her.

 Jakob is 7 lbs 8 ozs and 20 inches tall  He is sweet and soft and just adorable.
 Aunt Val holding him and enjoying the cuddling.

 Grandma and Jakob.

Auntie Andrea and baby Jakob.


nikko said...

How exciting! What a beautiful baby! I love his name. Our Caleb was really close to being an Asher. Enjoy!

Yvonne said...

Oh, grandma--CONGRATULATIONS. So wonderful. I love babies. So glad he is here. I agree with Nikko--ENJOY.

Sara K said...

Yay! So Exciting!!

Lana said...

He's so cute! Wish I was there.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Congrats Grandma (again)- he looks beautiful!

you keep saying how busy I am (and I am) but I would say you keep up with me pretty much.

Jay said...

So sweet and exciting! Congratulations, Grandma!

Nancy Face said...

These pictures are just wonderful and so precious! Congratulations!

Connie said...

How wonderful to have a precious grandson arrive safely and be so beautiful.