Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fancy Tea Party and Over-nighter with Spencer and Jordyn

 Just before we went to Maryland we got to have a fun over-nighter with Spencer and Jordyn.   We spent the day together and in the evening we watched a couple of movies and had some snacks.  In the morning we went to get our veggie basket and then my friend Jenny from Lancaster called and said she was visiting the area. We quickly invited her over for a  "Fancy Nancy" tea party.  Spencer told me, "But Grandma, we don't drink tea."  I quickly explained to him that we would be having herbal tea and the difference between the two.  So then the 3 of us set out to buy some special goodies to go with our tea.  We bought some specialty cookies and candies.  J and I made banana muffins and J set the table using all the pretty dishes that she got to choose.

We had a very nice time together practicing our very best table manners and enjoying each others company with fun and pleasant conversation and stories.
Later in the evening we had a quick dinner and Papa and I took the kids to a little local fair.  They had a ball.
They got to pick out a few rides to go on and to eat some fair food.

Just before they took their last ride, it began to sprinkle.  They still wanted to ride so Papa and I waited in the rain which got harder and harder.  After their ride was over we ran to the car and went home to enjoy a nice rest of the evening together.  I love spending time with my sweet grandkids.  We always have a good time together.


nikko said...

I love Jenny! She and I were VT companions while I was there. Tell her hi for me next time you see her.

What a fun day!

yvonne said...

You are such a fun grandma. Fun times.

I love fair food--especially cotton candy!