Saturday, January 22, 2011


We have been home from our mission for over 
3 months now and we are still reaping the rewards.  We got an e-mail from Dino and Larissa and they have finally been married and baptized.  If you remember, this lovely couple had been studying with us for over a year and remaining faithful the whole time.  They finally got all of their paperwork done from Madagascar and Belgium and were able to get married and now baptized.  Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!

Also our center for young adults if flourishing and doing better and better.  All of the things that we ordered for them have finally arrived and have been set up.  It's a "real center" now.  We ordered things like couches, bookshelves with books and a subscription to the Ensign in 5 different languages, 4 computers with rolling stands, WII with several games, ping pong table, foos ball table, and many other things.  It took us our whole mission to get all of these things approved, ordered etc.  We are so glad that they are finally up and the youth can enjoy these things.  It's good to see that things are continuing on so well.  I am so happy about it.


Connie said...

Your influence will remain there for many years to come! Isn't it wonderful to hear such success stories of marriage and baptism!

Yvonne said...

I agree with Connie. You and your husband did such great work when you were there and it will definitely be felt for years.

So happy to her about the marriage and the baptism.

nikko said...

What wonderful news!

Jay said...

Hurray for Dino and Larissa! Isn't it fun to hear how the work keeps going on!