Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday day 5

The girls slept in really late today. Let's just say I had to wake them up at noon. When they woke up, they finally felt rid of the jet lag. We had lunch and then went to the Palais des Beaux Arts. The first picture is from the Internet of how it looks on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, it poured and poured all day long so we looked at a grey building. We had to rush from parking to each place we visited. It was dark and gloomy weather, but we still enjoyed ourselves immensely.
The next picture is the hall inside the museum. We spent quite a lot of time looking at the beautiful art works that are housed here.

The little picture of the church is a copy from the Internet too. It is Notre Dame de Pentecote which we visited later in the day.

There were many, many huge paintings throughout the museum. Jenna loves to stand and look at each one and study it for a while. Emma like to take a quick overview and study only the ones that interest her.

There were lots of sculptures, porcelain, bronze and marble statues and many other beautiful works of art to look at.

This is a statue of Napoleon.

We next went to the Museum of Natural History. It was quite small and we were a bit disappointed in it. It was just alright and way over priced.

We loved visiting the church. We tried to visit several other cathedrals and churches, but they were all closed and we couldn't find the biggest one.

So many of the churches and cathedrals have beautiful stained glass windows.

Lots of statues and paintings here too.

This is the altar.
Most of these photos are so dark because not only was it pouring rain, but inside the church it was really dark.

The girls had to confess again.

This is a memorial to the soldiers who gave their lives for France in Lille.
Almost every church has a memorial of some sort for the men from that city who gave their lives in the wars.

Of course, we had to stop and do some shopping before going to Family Home Evening.
We enjoyed FHE. Virginie gave a great lesson on unity. Then we all played Loups Garous.
We finished up with refreshments and just talking and visiting.

Here are some of the group voting that Jenna is one of the Loups Garous and she was.

Emma "sleeping" during night time in the game.

The whole village was asleep.

Of course we had to take some group pictures.

Everyone was so excited that these cute girls came. They were soooooooo nice to them. In fact, everyone has been extremely nice to them. Some of them tried to speak English and everyone spent time getting to know them. Who wouldn't want to spend time with these sweet girls?
After we got home we read scriptures and then the girls had lots of gospel related questions for Papa. We had such a great conversation together that before we knew it, it was 1:00am. Time flies when you're having a good time.

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Yvonne said...

I just can't get over what a great experience this must have been for these girls--something they will never forget.

You are right about the stained glass--it is everywhere.