Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This and That

As my daughter said, "One little sister gets to go to Belgium and France and the other little sister does not. " Can you guess which is which? Yes, my darling granddaughter J got her passport and she and her friend E from way back when they were little get to come and visit Papa and me. I am sooooooo excited. I can't wait for them to come. They will arrive Thursday morning in Brussels. We will have to get up very, very early to be at the Brussels Airport since it will be about a 2 hour drive, but it will totally be worth it. I can't wait!
I really wish other sis could come too, but it's just not possible. In fact, I wish all of my kids and grand kids could come, but this is not a possibility.
I'm such a lucky mom and grandma. I have the best kids and grand kids.

Can you guess what this little Blondie did yesterday? I couldn't believe it. She "accidentally" swallowed 2 little crafting magnets. Now really, how does one accidentally swallow a magnet? I guess she put one on the inside of her cheek and the other on the outside and then in removing them, the one on the inside somehow attracted the one on the outside. This of course resulted in a trip to the Dr. Luckily the magnets were together and swallowed as one, thereby eliminating the possibility of pinching something (stomach, intestines, etc) on the way down. Fortunately all is well or soon will be.
This is the same girl who when she was very little, about 3, put a bead in her nose and had to go to the Dr to get it removed. Upon arriving home and not 15 minutes later, she had put another one up her nose. Why? This time I took her into the bathroom and not paying much attention to the big tears running down her face, squirted water from a syringe up into her nose, thereby forcing the bead out. Hopefully, no more unusual objects where they don't belong.

M's little sister J is turning 8 in just a few weeks. She is ready to be baptized, but she asked her parents if she could wait until we get home from our mission so we can attend. Since the time for us to go home is so close, they said yes. You can be sure that this grandma is soooooo excited that she is waiting and that we will be able to witness this most wonderful event. What a sweet girl to want us to be there.

This morning we arrived at district mtg and found Elder Neidhart attired in a most unusual manner. We soon found out that he was going to demonstrate some break dancing for us. Wow, we were so surprised to see this nice, gentle, intellectual, speaking 6 languages elder get the groove on. He did an excellent job dancing. He is really a big and tall fellow, but very light on his feet. Elder Neidhart, you can really move. Way to go.

I have to say again how awesome the young missionaries are. They are, each one of them, great young people. They are diligent and hard working. They are kind and smart. They love the Lord and serve Him with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. We are so blessed to be able to work with them and to have such close relationships with them. We love and admire them
Soeur Curran and Christensen.

Elder "Raco" and Navarro saying good bye.

Stephane, one of our JA's being a missionary companion for 3 days.

Soeur Nielson.

Elders Anderson and Kip.

Soeur Houts.

Elder Kip made chicken curry and rice for lunch. The Soeurs made salad. I made brownies and lemon bars. We enjoyed our yummy lunch together and had fun chatting with each other.

In the afternoon Soeur Houts and Christenson and we spent about an hour going over the list for one of the wards (their ward). Dh and I actually work with 2 wards. Elder A. and I have now talked to, visited or telephoned every single family in both wards. We have updated both ward lists. I am so surprised at how many people have moved or have non working or changed phone numbers. Some people have died and there has been no record made of it. Some have gotten divorced. Others have married. Many of the people, sadly, are not interested in coming to church anymore. All of this has taken days and months and actually almost 2 years to accomplish. It has been a lot of busy work. In a few weeks we will be completely done and will be able to turn all of this information into the ward clerks office for updating and completion of records.


Connie said...

Lucky you! Lucky granddaughter! You'll have so much fun!
Each elder and sister have so much to offer in their own way - even break dancing!

You'll be home soon! I can't wait to meet you!

Yvonne said...

How fun for you to have a visit from your granddaughter. What a great experience for her. Have a great time.

I so love the missionaries--and I love that they serve so faithfully and yet can still be themselves and have fun.

As I read what you have done with finding all these young people and updating records, I'm amazed. Such a valuable work. YOU TWO HAVE BEEN GREAT!!!!

I know we will get a chance to meet and I can't wait.