Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catch up and friday activity

Time is just going by sooo fast. 5 weeks ago it was transfers and now in just 1 week it is transfers again. We actually have 2 missionaries leaving a week early from our district. Elder Navarro is leaving to go home a week early because school starts in the Netherlands and he needs to be there for the beginning of school. Elder Dohrman is being transferred to the office. We will sure miss these 2 elders. They have been so diligent and so much fun too.

These two pictures are from last transfer. I haven't had a chance to post them yet. We are missing Elder Perez and Dungan, but they are doing great in their new areas.

We really miss Soeur Pobst too. She was a lot of fun. She is serving in Paris Nord where I know she is doing an awesome job. She hurt her ankle while she was here and she is still struggling with that. In fact, she has had to take some rest time, along with Soeur Flood who had some oral surgery. The two of them had to spend some down time to try to recover their health.

We are teaching some great people. We have been working with Dino and Larissa for a long, long time now, probably about a year. We have gone through through quite a few sets of Dutch speaking missionaries. We are now working with Elders Von Duisburg and Andersen.
Dino and Larissa are a faithful couple who have been patiently waiting to be able to be baptized. They have had one stumbling block after another. First Dino needed to get all of his documents from Madagascar. Madagascar is very, very slow. He finally got them many months later and then had to have them translated, notarized, etc. He had to have paperwork in Belgium that was signed by 6 people that would vouch for him, visits from the police dept to testify that they do actually live together and at the place where they said they do and other things like that. Then they told Larissa that she would have to get official documents from Madagascar saying that she has never been married. This has taken more months of waiting. Papers were sent and then lost. Documents were turned into the offices in Belgium and then thrown out and other irritating things. Finally, after waiting close to a year, they finally have all of their documents. Now these last papers have to be translated and notarized. All of this at a huge cost. They have spent 100's of euros on translating and all the other stuff. Then they need to have several more police visits. After all of that, they will be allowed to get married. As soon as they are married, they will be baptised. Dino and Larissa have been so good about everything. They are an awesome couple. They attend church regularly. They observe all of the commandments. As they learned each principle of the gospel, they began applying it in their lives. When they learned of the Word of Wisdom, Dino immediately stopped smoking and drinking. Larissa was already doing this. They pay tithing. They read the scriptures and they pray daily. They have embraced the gospel in its fullness and can't wait to be baptised. We have grown to really love this sweet couple.
The first day we met them they said that just that morning they had prayed for someone to come and to teach them about Jesus Christ. They told us that our coming that afternoon was a direct answer to their prayers.
One time during this past year Dino's father needed to have an operation back in Madagascar. He didn't have enough money to pay for the surgery and asked Dino if he could help. At this time Dino was not working. He and Larissa prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help him find a job so that he could help his Father. The next day, Dino did indeed find a part time job. The job lasted 4 days. In that amount of time, he was able to earn exactly the amount of money that his Father needed for the operation. He was so happy and excited to send the money and they were so grateful that Heavenly Father answered their prayers.

We are teaching Loubna. She is Ben Faour's sister. She is doing very well and wants to be baptized. I took this picture of her room because I loved the colors that she used in decorating. Too bad, I didn 't get enough of the room to really show the color combinations.

Twee is from Vietnam. She comes to English class. She is a funny, kind of crazy lady. She is also studying the gospel.

Pierre is from Haiti. He has been studying the gospel for just a short time and is doing well.

We continue working with Clothilde and Samuel, Jerome, Olivier, Luc and Emily, and Kevin and Emilyn. Right now some of them are on vacation and so the lessons have to wait. Hopefully when they come back things will continue on well.

Last night the missionaries put on a great activity. It was a karaoke and burrito fest. We had a terrific attendance. There were lots of JA's participating and I think they all had a great time. We were so pleased that so many were in attendance. We also had quite a few ward members who came and a good time was had by all.

Some of the girls singing.

Of course Elders Anderson and Dohrman sang. We are sad to see Elder Dohrman leave. He has been an awesome trainer and he is great to have around.

Aurore, Noemie, and Florine.

Natacha and Claudine.

Xavier in the back.

Nirina singing.

Elder Navarro and Soeur Curran.

Soeur Christensen wanted to take a picture with me. She is a sweet sister.

Soeur Nielsen is back in our district.

Dancing and singing to YMCA

We also had dancing. Ben is dancing with his baby.

This couple got baptized about 3 weeks ago. They have 3 darling little children and are an awesome couple. The ward is lucky to have them.

Virginie and Alexandre are awesome too. Alexandre is doing just great. He is planning to go on a mission next July. Then Virginie is beginning university and will go on a mission as soon as she's old enough. When she returns they plan to get married in the temple.

Gregory and Natacha had fun dancing together.

Ben's wife Esther and her sister Emily behind her.

Elder Neidhart singing the Swiss Nat'l anthem.


Connie said...

Such fun pictures of a fun activity! I love to hear conversion stories! WHat a great experience for you and so glad you share with us!

So glad you're feeling better. Let's hope it continues!

Nancy Face said...

I loved reading about Dino and Larissa! They sound so wonderful and dedicated. My son-in-law Ted served his mission in Madagascar and LOVED it there, but getting mail back and forth in the remote areas was ridiculously challenging...if it happened at all! ;)

Jay said...

What wonderful people you are working with. I like to hear about Dino and Larissa too. such dedication and faith inspires me!

Lil' M said...

i love you

Yvonne said...

What a great activity. I love it.

Isn't it amazing to watch people change as they accept the principles. I LOVE IT. That story of Dino and Larissa is incredible. What an amazing couple with such faith and determination to do what's right. (Thanks for sharing)

x.eRin said...

Soeur Arhets!! I just LOVE reading your blog and hearing about what is going on over there! I am just so excited to see the work unfold! I rememeber a time when Lille was a city that wasn't progressing, with no work, etc. When I arrived, the miracles were just beginning! It touches my heart to see the growth over there, the strong members, and the mighty miracles coming to pass! I feel so grateful to my Father in Heaven for these miracles! Thank you for sharing your stories! I miss you and miss everyone over there!

Love, (Soeur) Erin Stay