Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 2 Gent and Brugge, Belgium

The first 4 photos are of Brugge, Belgium. This picturesque little town is called the Venice of the North.

The next 3 are of Gent, Belgium.

Today we went to Gent and Brugge. These 2 charming little towns are so much fun to visit.
We all enjoyed ourselves so much.
The girls are still tired. Jet lag is so difficult when you come to Europe. I had to wake them up at 10:30 and then they went back to sleep every time we drove from place to place. I think tomorrow they will feel more rested. Actually by the time they feel totally back to normal they will have to go back home, but I think it will be worth it.

It is really a pleasure for us to have Jenna and Emma here. They are lovely young women. They are smart, pleasant to be with, intelligent and lots of fun. Plus, they are such good girls. I think their parents should be so pleased to have such wonderful young women as daughters.
We visited the Castle Gravensteen. This is a typical castle with turrets, dungeon, torture chambers and lots of things to look at such as armour, swords, costumes, torture instruments, guillotine, etc.

We ate a picnic lunch or baguettes with ham or salami, and cheese, chips and fruit. We had to eat in the car because it rained and rained all day. Actually it poured much of the day, but luckily for us, each time we needed to walk or be outside it stopped raining. I know it was a blessing from the Lord.

The ride through the canals in Brugge is always so much fun.
After the boat ride, we got to walk through some of the fun shops.

What a wonderful bonus for us to have these sweet girls come for a visit.

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Yvonne said...

A torture chamber--ewwww.

You are so right about the jet lag--never easy.

Looks like such great times.