Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 1 with Jenna and Emma

We got up at 4:45am yesterday so as not to be late getting to Brussels Airport to pick up these 2 17yr old jet setters. The girls look great and had a good trip. Lucky girls got upgraded to business class and got "wined and dined" the whole trip. The were served tiny glasses of orange juice and also of water "every few minutes". They ate appetizers. They ate gourmet meals the whole time. They had seats that reclined all the way back with fluffy comforters and pillows so that they could sleep. They had a wonderful flights. OK, I want to fly like that too when we go home. :)
We were able to spend a really fun day in Brussels. The first photo is the Cinquentenaire monument. It is on top of a huge museum complex and can be seen from one one the main roads in Brussels. It is huge. The next picture is part of the complex.

We began our day by going to Grand Place. As usual it is such a beautiful place to visit. We were sadly one day too early to see the gigantic flower carpet that is in the center for about 4or5 days each year. But because we still have to fulfill some of our missionary duties, we could not wait and go back later. Maybe some day we will all get to see that magnificent display.

We stopped by the church right by the Grand Place.
Jenna thought about confessing.
We walked around. We saw the Mannekin Pis which is so tiny, but if you go to Brussels, you have to see this famous little statue. Of course we ate Belgian Waffles and we now have 2 more fans of this yummy food.
Jenna and Emma learned a few new things they said. One of them is that it really is fun to people watch. Another is that if you see someone starting to walk in front of a bus, you yell out "attention".
We the went to the Cinquentenaire. We visited part of the war museum which Papa just loves, part of the aeronautic and marine museum and part of the art museum. It was lots of fun, but the girls were quickly fading so we decided to go on home. We left the museum just in time because we ran to the car in a light drizzle, but as soon as we got in the car it began pouring rain and continued for while a long while.

The art museum was full of interesting things. There were several large room full of huge beautifully carved armoires.

There were rooms with beautiful furniture.

Lots of lovely dishes, vases, silver and silverware.

Several large room with huge tapestries. They were really really huge and each one intricate and beautiful.

There were tons of lovely tables.

Lots of little porcelain boxes.

The girls couldn't keep their eyes open on the drive home. Jet setting isn't as easy as it sounds.

For dinner we went to a friterie and had the best Belgian fries. They are cooked in oil twice. Oh you thought Americans ate greasy foods? These fries don't taste greasy but they do taste better than any french fry I've ever had in the states. I think the secret is in the oil and in the twice fried.
After dinner we played Hand and Foot and Jenna beat us all by so many points that we didn't even count. We read scriptures together and got ready for bed.
It was a wonderful day.


txmommy said...

what fun!!

Sutzinger said...

Natalie, how wonderful that the girls are visiting you and John, and what a treat it is for the two of them as well! When you come back to the states, you and John must come to the Air Force Museum here in Dayton. John would love it (you might not love it as much!)

nikko said...

What a fun day! How come I never get upgraded to business class when I fly? :o)

Enjoy your visit!

I have a good life said...

awesome! awesome! awesome! What a great experience for all of you! Thanks for sharing.

Jay said...

Fun! Have such a great time with those lucky gals!

Lil' M said...

looks like you guys had fun and i wish i could go and see you love you

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

great experience for those girls- glad they made it safe- I wouldn't want to try to meet someone in an airport like ohare- which I am not familiar with

Yvonne said...

Glad they got there safe and sound--what lucky bums getting bumped to business class.

You are fabulous tour guides.