Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ward Activity and Calais Ward Conf.

For all of you Red Bull drinkers, France has it's own Red Bull car. HA!

A picture of the yummy Lepyoshki that I made for the missionaries. They loved them. I will make them for you when I see you.:)

The missionaries put on a ward activity. It was crepe and game night. Everyone brought crepes and toppings and we supplied the drinks.
There were tables set up with a team name for each table.

Two of our new missionaries, Elder Jurrus from Ohio and Sister Pobst from Arizona.

The DeBouvers. He used to be Bishop and also Captain of the Police Dept in Mouscron. They are a very lovely hard working couple.

As the games were played the teams gathered points.
One of the games was the strength game. Who could hold up the bag with 4 full bottles of water in them without letting the string tighten on the wrist.

Jacques was the winner. He is a new daddy and counselor in the Bishopric. He returned from his mission to New Caledonia not that many years ago.

Another game was to pick up from 1 to 3 matches per turn out of 20 lined up on the table. The one left with a match loses.

Drawing several objects without looking at what you are doing.

Cute sisters and brother.

Pantomiming someone with your own team guessing who it is.

The crepe table.

Last Saturday and Sunday we spent in Calais for their ward conference. On Saturday there was a service project where the members met and thoroughly cleaned the church inside and out. The members of the Stake Presidency, Bishopric and Dh made visits to families that needed to be visited and encouraged in one way or another. I went along with Dh and Pres. Boutouille. That evening after a little snack of a piece of sweet bread and juice or tisanne we went to a fireside.
We were graciously invited to spend the night at the Boutouille's home. The Stake President and his son also stayed there. We had a good dinner which started late, after the fireside, and ended at about 11:50 at night. We ate baked potatoes with a Roquefort sauce and green salad with fried goat cheese. I brought lemon bars for dessert. We all went straight to bed after that because we had to arise very early for Dh and the Stake Pres and Bishop to have their meetings. The theme for conference was SERVICE. We had some great lessons and talks on the subject.

We slept in Virginie's(one of our JA's) room. In her bookcase on the left were many folder in subjects such as physics, chemistry, science etc. Her books for pleasure were books like The Miracle of Forgiveness, Doctrines of Salvation, Faith Precedes the Miracle, etc. She told me that those were the kinds of books she enjoyed the most. Virginie is a beautiful, smart, lovely girl. She is one of my favorite young women. She is dating Alexandre, the new convert of a few months. They have serious plans for the future, but first he is planning on serving a mission. She has given him his own copy of Preach My Gospel, so that he can begin studying. She is considering serving a mission herself before they get married.

Pretty light fixture in her room.

Here is Pres. Seube and his son Jean.

The kitchen.

Louise and Virginie.

The little shop across the street.

The Boutouille's front door.

Pierre Boutouille and Jean Seube. We got to drive these 2 young men to and from church. We had sooo much fun talking to them. I told them some stories and they told us stories and we laughed a lot. They are both awesome young men. Pierre wants to be a dentist and Jean, whose Dad is a dentist, wants to work in the space program. Both of the boys speak English, are very bright and charming young men. We enjoyed spending time with them.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

What are lepyoshki? They look like fry bread-

That red bull car is hilarious!

Yvonne said...

I keep meaning to send you a picture I took when we were in Calais many years ago--you had one very similar on your blog a while back.

I don't know how you can eat so late at night.

Your activities always sound like so much fun. The lepyoshki looks yummy--especially with nutella ; )

Connie said...

Love your pictures! What a fun activity! The Lepyoshki looks good. Is it kind of a scone?
Looks like you had a bunch of birthdays in the past few months. I'm sure you miss seeing all your adorable grandkids! What a blessing you are to all of your family!

Natalie said...

Lepyoshki are a Russian dish. They are a mix of scones and fry bread.