Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Teachers, Misc

Elders Bertrand and Carpenter came to home teach us because we don't have home teachers and they wanted to do something nice for us. We had a really great visit. We chatted, laughed and ate together. I made a yummy breakfast for dinner for them. Both of these young men are smart, kind and diligent. We just love them. They gave us a really good message too.

Last week Florian was baptized by his grandpa. The baptism was so nice and as part of the program, Florian and his Mom sang a duet. It was really beautiful. He has a nice soprano voice and Emmanuelle has a rich, beautiful voice.

After the baptism, the missionaries all came to our apartment for a party. They had previously asked if they could come over since transfers were coming up. Of course we were happy to have them. Here are 3 of them collapsing on the floor after eating so much. I fixed pate on little bread rounds, lasagna, and jello salad. They brought the rest of the food; french bread, salad, and desserts. We played some games and we all laughed a lot. We all had a wonderful time. It is so nice to be with the missionaries. We really enjoy spending time with these awesome young people.

Elder Schaunig always volunteers to help clean up in the kitchen.

Here is a photo of what lots of socks and tights look like after miles and miles of walking.

Our last group shot as a district. Four of our missionaries have been transferred. We are soooo sad to see them go. Elder Harper is going near Versailles. Elder Carpenter is leaving for Normandy and Elder Paoli is going to Brussels. My dear Soeur Gappmaier is going to Normandy. I will miss them all a lot. Elder Paoli was especially sad to leave. He told me that I remind him a lot of his Mom and that he loved me a lot. Soeu Gappmaier is really sad too. She has become like a daughter to me and I will miss her a lot as well. It is amazing the love and connection that develops between the missionaries. They just love each other and us and we feel the same about them.

On the day before transfers, we all stayed after district meeting to have lunch together. I fixed Lepyoshki for everyone and they enjoyed them a lot. It was also Elder Carpenter and Soeur Gappmaiers birthday, so the other missionaries baked a cake for them and I got each one a little gift from all of us.

These last pictures were taken at one of the large stores here. Baguettes are sold everywhere and these bins do not stay filled very long. They are refilled very often during the day.

Other varieties of breads.

I am always amazed at how many different yogurts they sell.

More yogurts.

And even more yogurts.

You can have your choice of tomatoes.

Varieties of salads.

I had also taken pictures of the fish and cheese and meat departments but a security guy came up and made me erase them. He would'nt let me take any more pictures. Not really sure why. Personally, I thought it was quite strange.


Jay said...

What fun you are having with all these wonderful missionaries. They sure love you which doesn't surprise me one bit. Transfers can be a little sad with friends moving to new adventures.

Yvonne said...

It is easy to understand why all of the missionaries love you--you are WONDERFUL. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I am amazed by the picture of all the yogurt--WOW. I had a security guard stop me from taking pictures of flowers in a market one time somewhere in Europe. I thought it was odd, too.

txmommy said...

i like the holes in their sock! shows they are working hard!