Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gare Paris Nord

We had our first zone conf with the Paris Mission last week and it was kind of hectic. Our zone leaders had a lot of trouble with their blue card (credit card). It would not work and so it took them a long time, over an hour, to finally buy train tickets for those of us who were taking the TGV train to Paris from Lille.
We first drove to the church and then walked to the Metro where we met 2 of the elders. Then we changed stops and went to the Gare in Lille. We first went to Gare Flandres and waited and waited. No one was there except 2 more elders who had joined us. We finally called and were told that we had to go to the Gare Europe. So we rushed over there walking a little less than a mile.
Well, the young missionaries are so speedy walking. I just couldn't walk nearly that fast. I was feeling really bad that I couldn't keep up, but they were soooooo nice to me. After getting the that station we waited and waited some more. Then we were told that we had to go back to Gare Flandres. Okay we rushed back again, but this time I took the metro from one station to the other. We had an hour ride on the train and then we had to take the city train and from there we walked to the church where the mtg was being held. That was a lot of speed walking for me. Plus in the Gare you have to go up and down stairs cause the escalators weren't working. I think the Gares in Paris are not user friendly. There are lots of walkways and stairs and very few directions posted anywhere. There are not many there who can help either. A first or second or even third time visitor would have to take some time to find out just where to go. I was glad we were with missionaries who knew just where we needed to go. The train ride itself was just great. Those TGV's go about 250kms an hour and are nice and smooth and very, very quiet. We were so late for zone conf. and thus we were not able to see any sights in Paris. We were just a few blocks away from Notre Dame and could see a little part of it, but sadly we could not visit. Next time we hope to get there a lot earlier so that we can visit a few places.
The conference itself was great. Pres and Sis Staheli are just wonderful. Our theme was personal standards of excellence, something we can all work on, I think.

To the left is Elder Maxwell from S.L.C. He is the grandson of Neil Maxwell. We really enjoyed spending some time talking to him. He is such a nice young elder. Next to him are Elder
Jurrus from Ohio, Sister Pobst from Arizona, and Sister Kohler from Midway, Utah. The middle 2 are new to our district. Sister Kohler is always soooo nice to me. When we were walking home after the conference, she was walking slowly with me and even gave me her arm. She is an awesome missionary always on the ball and ready to do what is right.

The tall missionary is Elder Neidhart from Switzerland. He is 1/2 Swiss and 1/2 Polish. He fluently speaks English, French, German, Swiss German, Polish and Italian. He understands Russian and Spanish and speaks some Greek and Latin. Amazing! To the left of him is Soeur Nielsen.

Elder Dalton on the left is from Maine. Next to him is Elder Porter and peeking is Soeur Carson.
I can never get over how awesome these young missionaries are. They are all so smart and diligent, kind and friendly. They all have a great love for the Lord and it shows in all of their actions. I love spending time with them. They are always so uplifting and they also like to have good, clean fun.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

What a great group of young people you have to work with and so smart. They are so blessed to have you to watch over them as well

allison nadauld said...

These missionaries feel so loved by you, I'm sure. And, I am always the slow walker in the group. I don't get it. What's wrong with me? I always feel like I am speed walking to keep up. Are my legs just too short? Glad to see things are moving and changing fast. Keep up the good work! Love you!

Yvonne said...

The TGV is amazing, eh?

I'm glad you had a great zone conference.

Yes, personal standards of excellence is something we can all work on--at least I know I can ; )

I hope you get to see more of Paris next time.

utmommy said...

Sounds great! I'm sure they all love being around you guys!