Friday, March 26, 2010

The Bakers and the home teachers

This young man served his mission with us. He was one of our first missionaries. Elder Baker left 9 months ago after serving a worthy mission. He went home and married the girl who was waiting for him, the girl he baptized a few years before his mission. Lehi and Sarah were married in the Preston temple. They live by Manchester England. She is finishing "uni" in June and will begin her student teaching. He will be completing his first year of "uni". I made lunch for us and we had so much fun talking and reminiscing about his mission. It was hard to call him Lehi after calling him Elder Baker for so long. It's amazing and wonderful to see and feel the love that develops between missionaries. I think we will always remember all of the great missionaries that we work with.
I made pirog and salad for lunch with chocolate cookies for dessert. The pirog was Elder Baker's request. He loves this typical Russian food.

Today our "home teachers" came over again. Elder Bertrand and Elder Dalton came and I fixed a nice lunch for them. We chatted and laughed and had a great time. Elder Bertrand was also one of our first missionaries, along with Elder Baker and a few others. He left our area and went to Arras and then after a few transfers he was back with us. He will be finishing up and going home in 2 1/2 weeks. We have so enjoyed our time with Elder Bertrand. We love him a lot. He is an awesome guy. He plans to go home and go to school become a doctor. I know his patients will just love him as do the people in this area. The time passes so quickly. It seems like we just got to know him so well and now he's leaving.

Elder Dalton is his companion. We love Elder Dalton too. He is a fun, spiritually inclined Elder who loves to serve the Lord.
It has been a real bonus for us to be able to work closely with the young missionaries. They are so close to the Lord, such good, hard workers, spiritually in tune and also a lot of fun. We have some fun times with them.
I served pirog again and then real American hamburgers with all the works including chili for those who wanted it. We had banana muffins and waffle cookies for dessert.
After lunch the Elders left a very nice message for us which came from D & C 1:37,38
"Search these commandments, for they are true and faithful, and the prophecies and promises which are in them shall all be fulfilled.
What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same."
What a great and marvelous thing it is to have a living prophet on earth today to guide and direct the people and to show them what they need to do in order to have life eternal.


Connie said...

How fun to have a missionary from your area return. I know that even when the missionaries who serve where we live come back for a visit it's a real treat!
Natalie, tell me why you know Russian. You must have lived there but just wondering.
Have a wonderful day!

Yvonne said...

That must have been so great to have a former missionary return.

It's always tough when they go home, eh?

The scripture is perfect considering we have General Conference this weekend.

Jay said...

What wonderful times you are having with these missionaries. I'm not one bit surprised. I bet they just love you. You're so fun and loving!