Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jan, Feb, Mar Birthdays

This is our first grandson T. He is the most wonderful young man. T just turned 12 last Sunday and he received the Aaronic Priesthood. Oh how happy and pleased this Grandma is. T is such a great boy. He is smart, athletic, kind, pleasant and an all around good guy. He is fulfilling my every wish. 3 John 4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Yesterday was T's Mommy's birthday. Oh where or where do the years go? How do they pass by so fast. V is an awesome daughter and Mommy. She has brought much joy to my life.

Here is V's cute family. Each one is so sweet and tender. They are very loving. I just love that.

March 5th was A's birthday. I always knew I wanted to adopt, but whoever suspected that it would bring such extreme and unexplainable happiness. A is the sweetest, most wonderful, caring daughter. She writes to me every single day and tells me she loves me. How I love this girl. She brings sunshine into my life.
Next to her is my little Latin spitfire. E had her b-day in Feb. This Peruana has a very kind heart and is so loyal. She is very smart and lively. She keeps everyone on their toes. I am so glad she is part of our family. We all love her a lot.

V's hubby R has his b'day the day after E. He is such a great Dad to my grandchildren. He is the best basketball player and oh my, he has everyone laughing whenever we are together. He has the best sense of humor. I love that he is a strong priesthood holder and a righteous leader in his family and in the church.

Yoho doesn't have his b'day until Nov, but here he is so cute and happy with A that I just had to include his picture. Can't wait for their little bundle to arrive in July.

Here are my cute E and her adorable Tal. Little Talia looks exactly like her Mommy did when she was a baby.
On the 20th of Jan sweet little Lu had her 5th birthday. I don't know how these kids grow so fast. It was only a short while ago that she was my little pal following me wherever I went. She will always have my heart.
Lu shares her birthday with our little Sarika who is already with Heavenly Father.

Yoho is soooooo great with kids. He is like the Pied Piper. They all love him.

Finally I want to know how Natalie went from newborn to this adorable 1 year old. How oh how time flies by? I can't wait to meet her and to hold her and to nibble on this delicious little baby.
I am the luckiest Mom and Grandma in the world. I have the best kids. I love them so much and my greatest desire is for them to stay close to Heavenly Father and to do His work always. I pray each and every day that they will be obedient to His word and that they will remain faithful all the days of their lives.


Yvonne said...

You have such a wonderful family. I love all the pictures. I hope they all have/had a wonderful birthday.

Again, I want you to know how much I admire you for making the sacrifice to be away from your family and serve the Lord. YOU ARE GREAT.

allison nadauld said...

So many loved ones to celebrate. Bring on the cake!