Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tomorrow, the 19th of November, is my Dh's 70th birthday. Since he is so wonderful and his date is the 19th, I thought I would list 19 wonderful things about him.
l. He loves and serves God.
2. He loves and serves Jesus Christ.
3. He loves me and is always kind, thoughtful, and wonderful to me.
4. He is a great Father to each one of our children and they all love him.
5. He is a great Papa to his grandchildren and they all love him too.
6. He is very generous.
7. He always wants to help everyone who needs it.
8. He is a great patriarch, bishop, and priesthood leader.
9. He is very, very patient.
10. He does not lose his temper.
11. He is extremely smart.
12. He loves music and is always listening to music whenever he can.
In fact, he cannot even shave or work without having some music on.:)
13. He is a great whistler.
14. He can play the harmonica and the accordian.
15. He is very studious and loves to study and read scriptures and other books
16. He loves to have a good time and it is so much fun to hear him laugh.
17. He is a very hard worker and has always been a great provider.
18. He is a great teacher.
19. He is a wonderful example for others to follow and he is always the same whether he is out
among people or at home.
I could go on and on about his wonderful qualities and talents, but I will stop by saying that I am blessed to have him for my husband and for the Father of my children. I love him so much and am so blessed and happy to be sealed to him for time and all eternity. I pray that he will alway have all the blessings that he works so hard for and that he deserves so much.

This is a family picture that is several years old. We have quite a few more family members now. What a blessing that families can be forever.


Connie said...

What a great tribute to your husband. You mentioned in one of your comments to me that we might find we're more alike than we thought! My husband also plays the accordian! Funny!
You have a beautiful family!

I hope your daughter got your picture from Tanya.

Yvonne said...

I love this--you two are such a great couple. You are a very lucky woman.

I hope your husband has a wonderful birthday.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

All these things shine in him so well and he is blessed w/ a wonderful wife and family as well

The Wendler Family said...

Happy belated to your DH! I loved reading this post. I was surprised by reading #13. I did not know that about him. Good whistling is so much more inspiring than bad whistling. :)
Isn't it amazing to know that you will be with the ones that you love forever?! What a true blessing because of the love of our Father in Heaven.