Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Het Loos, Cleaning, Crochet, Norma & Romain

On the 17th of Oct we went on a senior outing to the Het Loos Castle in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The Dutch Royal family used to live in this castle, but now they live in one of their other castles. This is a picture of the garage. In this garage are cars from many different years and countries. I wasn't able to get any good pictures because of the reflection from the glass and then inside we were not allowed to take pictures.

This little cafe is in what was once the guard house.
In the garage were also many, many sleds although these are some of the children's cars.

One of the royal crests.

The walkway by the stables. The stables were huge and grander than most houses.

Th pathway to the castle.

The castle. Inside the rooms were fully furnished. We saw many lovely things; dishes, clothes, fans, portraits, rugs, furniture, weapons, stuffed animals, animal horns and antlers of all kinds etc. etc. I was sad not to be able to take pictures.

One of the side yards.

Amazing mazes and beautiful gardens.

After touring the castle, we had lunch together. The Servoss's, back right, were just about to finish up their mission. They organized this trip for the couples.

We had a really nice time. Most of the senior couples from both the Dutch and the French side of the mission were there. The Netherlands are very pretty. They are so flat and so clean everywhere that we have been. Of course being right at sea level, they have had lots of major flooding problems.
Quite a few of the missionary apartments are being closed down in this area. When this happens, the apt has to be cleaned and inspected. The inspections are very difficult. They are super picky about everything because they do not want to give you back your deposits. Here we are helping the mission couple and 2 sister missionaries clean an apt in St. Omer. Dh painted the whole apt in one afternoon. The rest of us helped do trim, cleaned windows, kitchen, bathrooms, and floors. Elder Pankratz was busy fixing things and doing plumbing.
This brand new sister is from Apeldorn.

Sister Pankratz cleaning and repairing a few things.
Dh and Bro. Pankratz
Elder Pankratz posing for the camera. I got to be the one who went for lunch. I walked around a bit with the young sisters and we found a nice boulangerie. We bought baguette sandwiches and drinks for all. The baguettes here are the best. France has the best baguettes anywhere, I think, although San Francisco also has wonderful French bread. Many of the French bread bakeries in San Francisco actually imported their ovens from France. I know this because I lived in S. F. for many, many years. I love to quilt and I have made many a quilt for many a baby. I have made lots of quilts for all of my grandchildren. In fact, my friend, Daisy, and I have made many quilts for the Baby Linus Project. But alas I cannot do it from here. Fabric here is very difficult to find and very, very, very expensive. I wouldn't even know where to find batting and then there is the problem of expensive shipping. So, I have not been able to make a quilt for my great granddaughter and coming grandson. Sad>:( I decided to knit a blanket for little grandson and here are a few pictures of the result.

Some cute little donkeys live a few blocks away from us. Whenever I see them, I always think of Mary coming into Bethlehem. That must have been such a difficult journey for her. I often wonder what she must have been thinking of, knowing she was to give birth to the Son of God. In early September we had a visit from one of Dh's oldest friends. This is Romain. He is the fellow whose bachelor party Dh was at the night we met. We haven't seen them for about 40 years. Wow! How the time flies by.
Here are Dh and Romain with Norma, his wife. We had such a nice visit. The guys had a great time reminising.

They treated us to dinner in downtown Mouscron.
My salad before the main course. It had lots of bacon pieces and freshly made croutons. I was surprised to see the egg on top. It was quite tasty.

Norma and I both had mussels. Mussels are very popular here in Belgium. They are often served with frites (fries). Yummy.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

WHat a grand life you are living I am so so happy for you --lOVE THE ARCH PICTURE

Yvonne said...

What a beautiful place to visit--WOW. Love all the pictures. I'm glad you all had such a nice trip.

You two are such hard workers.

Love the baby blanket--I'm sure your grandson will love it.

How fun to have a visit from an old friend.

txmommy said...

the blanket is beautiful. Joneaux will love it!

how fun to see Romain!

I love all the mission pictures :)

nikko said...

You two have been so busy!

How sad to not be able to quilt. :o( We'll have to get together and sew when you come home. :o)

Beautiful castle!

The Texas Bakers said...

That is a very interesting salad... I am always amazed when I see pictures of grand houses and castles. It seems like such an expenditure for just one family! It seems strange for it to be so difficult to find fabric over there. Doesn't anyone sew?

Connie said...

I can't believe the stables at the castle! Good grief! That blanket is beautiful and looks so soft!
What a blessing to be able to read your posts and see your beautiful pictures. I'm glad the missionaries liked the pineapple, zucchini cupcakes! You have a lot of people to cook for! I wish I had some great ideas for meals. My first thoughts would be a baked potato bar, or soup, or pasta of some sort...I know, not too original.
Have a wonderful day!

Robin said...

What an amazing tour. How beautiful. Its been fun at the singles ward. Its different though. Church is ususally very quite. I miss you guys being down the street to. Its been so good to follow your mission. Have a geat day.

Jay said...

I love reading your happenings. What a royal garage! Much cleaner and bigger than ours! What a wonderful work you are doing!