Saturday, November 28, 2009


Neither in France nor in Belgium do they celebrate Thanksgiving, so our actual day was spent doing missionary work, cooking for institute and going to inst, serving the kids and working until about 11:30.
However, we got to celebrate on friday. President Brubaker gave us permission to invite all of our district plus the 2 great elders who we work with in Kortrijk over for Thanksgiving celebration. We had a great time.
Elder Harper came over early and worked on setting up some forms for me on my flash drive, so that I can do my reporting easier.

Elder Larsen came over too and while Elder Harper worked on the computer, Elder Larsen cooked and also helped me a lot. Of course today, yesterday and the day before, had to be the days we had construction men here working on replacing all of the windows in our apt to double pane windows. When the arrived on Wed. I made them promise that they would be finished by noon on friday because we would be having company. They promised and actually kept their word although I was wondering at times. They did ask me several times (joking) if they could stay for the party because they loved the smells of things cooking. There were so many of them or I may have invited them to stay. Besides that they had to continue with the other apts. They made and left a huge mess. Elders helped us clean up and put furniture and things back in order. Elder Larsen made pumpkin pie, banana cream pie, and cornbread. They also brought over Vla, which we forgot to eat we had so much food.

We ate "cheese things", turkey, southern style yams, potatoe casserole, strawberry jello salad, and jello with fruit. Elders brought mashed potatoes, veggie platter, corn, and deviled eggs. Sisters brought a huge salad.

Elders Cabrera and Carpenter made the eggs here because they didn't know how to do it.

Elders Thompson, Hansen, Hoskyns and Paoli.

Elder Larsen helping me and Soeur Fritsch making salad.

Elder Cabrera wielding a knife and teasing with Elder Larsen about who will be writing to our daughter Anna and meeting her after the mission. Elder C said him of course because he is Hispanic, but Elder L said he was going home in 2 weeks so he had the advantage. They were laughing and joking. In fact all of the Elders and Sisters had a great time laughing and playing around and teasing.

Elder Paoli, Hoskyns and Sister Gappmaeir.

Elder Hansen.

DH and Elder Thompson.

We had so much food that we had to use the computer table too.

I think I used every dish that I have in the apt. Our table was laden with delicious things to eat. It was kind of funny that Soeur Fritsch would not even take one bite of jello. The Elders tried to convince her, but she would not budge. The people here do not know jello and are very suspicious of it. The Hickenbothams told me that the African people are even more suspicious of it. In their branch she would make it and noone would touch it. Finally one day one of the young men was brave enough to approach the table and try the tiniest bite. He loved it. He told the others that it was so good and from then on their jello was always eaten up.

We played several fun games. We had the name on your back and guess who you are game. I used scripture names and tried to find less known ones. It took a while but everyone guessed who they were. We played a couple of rounds of two truths and a lie. We shared one of our favorite Christmas memories. Some of the Elders needed to test out their wrestling skills. We laughed and we talked. Before leaving we told some of the things each of us is thankful for.

Elder Larsen had fun squirting whipped topping into other's mouths and of course lots into his own.

Elder Harper, the one in the back, demonstrated some clogging for us. He clogged for many years and was a winner in lots of competitions. It was so much fun to watch him.

DH and Elder Larsen played their harmonicas separately and together. It was great to hear them. It was so funny to see all the missionaries pull out their cameras and point them first at one and then the other to record their music.

When we went to bed that night, I found a box of chocolates and a sweet note from Elders Thompson and Hansen. What a thoughtful gesture!
We had a really nice day and I was so glad that the missionaries all enjoyed themselves to much. It's the lest we could do for them to thank them for all of their selfless service. Besides, we love all of them. They are awesome and we enjoy working with them.


txmommy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like a lot of fun.

** Dre and Yoho ** said...

good job cooking!!soo fun! you guys are such good little missionaries!! I am happy you have all those cute young friends to be with!! We miss you!

x.eRin said...

OH my goodness! I remember just a year ago, having Thanksgiving at your place! I'm shocked to see that Elder Cabrerra is STILL in Lille! Amazing!! I'm glad you all had fun! I hope all is well! Love, (Sister) Erin Stay

~Marcarrietharden~ said...

=D that was great! Take care.. God bless...

Yvonne said...

You are so awesome. I am amazed at all you do.

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the missionaries.