Sunday, August 30, 2009

A little of our week

This evening as were driving home from visiting a new member family and as we turned the corner onto our street, we saw this hot air balloon. I love hot air balloons and so we became momentary balloon chasers and followed it.
It landed just a few streets away from our apt.

Fun to see it land and also to see many people rushing to watch it land.
Now that it's almost September and vacations are over, things are beginning to pick up. We have had a really slow month as far as the JA are concerned. E v e r y o n e takes "vacance". The churches are down in attendance and every person rich or poor leaves and takes a vacation. We have still been busy doing proselyting, but we have missed the young adults and their activities. Today after church we had our first planning mtg with the JA presidency minus one member. We got a lot planned and a lot accomplished. Our young adults are so awesome. Here I am with Remi, DH and Manu.

Here are DH, Remi, Anne Louise and Manu. Even though this young couple is getting married in the temple in September and are so busy with wedding plans, moving plans, and also getting ready for a new semester at school, they still are very diligent in their callings with the young adult program.
This is the Sunday School class for Villenueve D'Ascq ward. Most of these people are either new members or soon to be baptised members. Starting at the left are the Petrov's (the Romanians)for whom I translate every other week when we attend that ward. She is the blind lady that I wrote about and he suffers terribly from epilepsy. Yet, they are diligent and do everything that they should and can do. Then comes DH and next to him areRafaelle and Gregory and finally Lawrence and Sylvie.
The Petrov's are awesome. Any concept that I teach them, they immediately pick up and implement. For example I taught them about tithing. Now, this couple is living in a "foyer" a home for destitute people because they are here, in Fance, waiting for her to have surgery on her eyes. They are given 20euro a week for living expenses. As soon as they found out about tithing, the very next week she gives me 2euro to give to the Bishop for her tithing. They have faithfully paid ever since then. Then I explained fasting to her one fast sunday. The next week she excitedly tells me that they fasted the full 24 hours the day before. I told her how great that was. The next week she tells me that they fasted again. I explain to her that it is only required to fast once a month, but she replies that fasting makes them feel good and brings them closer to the Lord. Each concept that I teach them, they embrace and fully begin living that principle. She has been blind from the time she was a little girl and has only ever seen black. After having a blessing, she can now see light and dark. She is so grateful for this blessing.
Lawrence, Sylvie, Elder Hoskyns, Emmanuel, Elder Bertrand, and ?

Gael, Ben(the former Muslim who I wrote about before) and a brand new fellow. I don't know his name. Standing is our instructor. Usually this class is full of people all crowded together, but of course "vacance" so very few people were attending.
Elder Thompson, one of our favorite elders from Kortrijk. We all like the tall corn here. Most of it is a lot taller than this, but we had some free time last week and so we stopped to take a few pictures next to this shorter corn. Elder Thompson has only been out for 2 months, but he is the nicest, friendliest hard working, awesome missionary. We love him and we like working with him. We have been going out with Elder Thompson and his companion Elder Lystrop about 2 or 3 times all summer long. Whenever they have a french speaking person that needs to be taught, they call us and we drive there and teach them together. We have been quite busy doing that. These elders are Dutch speaking.

We had a few minutes to wait for his companion to arrive because we were on splits. Elder Thompson wasted no time. Here he is talking to a passer-by.


Yvonne said...

Always love hearing what you are doing. Thanks again for all you do. You are so awesome.

The Wendler Family said...

I like that everyone, rich and poor, takes a vacation there.
I am always amazed by how the gospel changes lives. I am so humbled by the story of that blind woman and her husband. What faith they have! It is great to hear all about your missionary adventures, including hot air balloon chasing. :)
Love you lots!

Connie said...

The Petrov's are amazing! You are so blessed to be able to serve with your husband on a mission!
My son and daughter returned from their missions, last month. My daughter is STILL talking to everyone (especially those who speak Spanish) and giving out Pass-along cards. It's hard for her to let it go! :-)
Have a blessed day.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

We have seen a lot of hot air balloons lately- must be the time of year- Hope everything is going well for you all-