Monday, August 24, 2009


The years come and the years go and so many changes each and every day, some good and some not so good. This is my oldest and dearest friend Helen and her hubby Yura. We met when in the 7th grade. We have shared lots of fun times. We spent our summers together and our school years together studying, talking on the phone, going to parties, movies, walks, dating, beach, learning how to cook, practising reading russian aloud to each other while sitting on the rocks at Russian River, etc.etc.etc. We shared secrets, had weddings (or own and friends), had babies and then grandchildren and now even a great-grandchild. Now we talk on SKYPE when years ago we only heard rumors that there may come a day when people will be able to see each other while they talk on the phone. The years have come and gone. How does time pass so quickly? Any yet, I don't feel old. Only the body does not want to do the things it used to. Too many surgeries. It is wonderful to have memories and yet time continues and changes occur and we make even more memories.
My daughter Andrea and Yoho. They have been apart all summer while he has been working trying to make extra money. Money is always tight for a young couple and yet struggling together helps to cement and firm up a marriage . This awesome girl and her hubby are moving into a larger apt. so that they can have room for her sister and baby to move in for a while. What love and sacrifice.
Anna and Amadeo are excited to have a new change in their life. Their litte baby will be coming in December. What a blessing for this great young, hardworking couple. We can hardly wait to meet him.

TxMommy and hubby just moved to Maryland. That is a whole new lifestyle, living on the east coast. In addition, they are brand new grandparents. This is their engagement picture quite a few years ago.

Our son Michael has been gone working all summer with Yoho. Now he is coming back to Salt Lake area and will continue with his regular work.

Alec and Kelly after running a race for the cure. Their daughter just got her driver's permit. Wow, is she really that old? Alec and his 2 friends recently participated in a triathlon and came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for their age bracket. How fun to be on the winner's stand with your friends. Now Alec and Kelly are training for a 1/2 marathon. Wish I could run.

UtMommy and her hubby are in the midst of a huge change. He has gotten a new job and will be moving 4 hrs drive away. They will only see each other on week-ends for a while. Hopefully this will be a great move and they will be together soon. Meanwhile this move will be good for them in many ways.

Emily and sweet Natalia have just moved to be with her sister. This is a huge change and hopefully one for the best. I love to see this little baby growing and doing so well. She is adorable.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family. I have a DH who is the best. He is a great Patriarch in our family. He is good and kind, smart and loyal. And, he serves the Lord with all his heart, mind, might, and strength. I am lucky to be his wife and eternal companion. Our children are the best too. I feel so blessed that they all like me and that we get along so well. They are hard working, bright, kind, diligent, God loving people. And, they married well. I dearly love each one of my sons and daughter in law. They are, each one of them, quite awesome. Of course, I must remember my grandchildren and now great granddaughter. None can compare to them. I am indeed a lucky grandma. I am blessed to be serving a mission together with my DH. The only hard part is being away from those I love. It's hard not to see and hold the new babies or to carry on a relationship, except by long distance, with those you love. And yet, I do this gladly because I love the Lord most of all and I want to serve Him and show Him that I am willing to do this for Him. I want my family to know that I love them, but especially I want them to know that I love God and Jesus Christ. I want them to know that I know that Jesus Christ lived and died for us and I want them to know that if they remain true and faithful and follow all of His commandments, they can have eternal life and exaltation. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and that we have a living prophet on the earth today. My dearest wish and prayer is for each of my children and in fact for all of my posterity to remain true to the end, so that they can have all of the blessings that the Lord has in store for them.


The Wendler Family said...

Most of those changes sound like they are more good than bad. I love reading all of the updates about your children. :)
I know you have a testimony of our Savior. Especially by the fact that you are away from those you love and care about so much, because of your relationship with Him.
Keep up the great mothering and missionary work! Love you lots

Yvonne said...

So beautifully written. You are such a wonderful woman. You can feel the great love you have for your husband and your children, grandchildren, and now great-granddaughter.

Your testimony of Jesus Christ is so evident in not only what you saw but more importantly what you do. Thank you for being such a great missionary and always being such a wonderful example.

Robin said...

What a great post.. Changes come everyday. Baby tatum is soooo cute. You are a lucky mom, grandma and great grandma. and best friend

Jay said...

You inspire me! What a wonderful family.

I have a good life said...

You have such great family! I have been so blessed to know you and many of your children. All of them wonderful! :) You are truly, truly blessed.

AngeeBee said...

What wonderful blessings! Your family is definitely being blessed as you are 'forever finding' others to share your spirit and testimony with!

We send our love!