Saturday, August 1, 2009


We have been quite busy here on our mission. Monday we had our first zone conf. with our new pres. President and Sister Brubaker arrived the 1st of July and will be serving here for 3 years. They have a completely different style than President Woodland, but they are also a great couple and will do a great job. We can see that already. Our conference was so uplifting, as usual. A few of the highlights of the day:
"When a missionary bears a strong testimony of Christ, the listener often hears an echo of the testimonies they may have heard in the grand councils in heaven."
The secret of gaining a strong testimony of Christ's atoning ministry is study and prayer.
Why is this salvation and this work difficult? Salvation is not a cheap experience. Why would it be easy for us when it was never easy for Him. We must all walk some of His path, share some of His sorrow. We will have to pay a token of that same price.
Salvation is not an easy or whimsical thing. Someone greater and a lot better asked a similar question, Luke22:42 "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."
Elder Scott, "We must set a goal and our works to it."
Elder Holland, "Our church is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world. Our basic message is that Christ paid for the transgression in the garden of Eden"(unconditional, for all mankind) " as well as for the sins of all men." (conditional, man must repent of his own sins and believe in Christ).
Christ is the embodiment of CHARITY. In our zone we have missionaries from many places such as: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Texas, California, Utah, Idaho, Maryland, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, WashingtonDC, Oklahoma, England, Germany, Ireland, France and others I can't remember right now.

O'sas Lawarence is a recent member from Cameroon. She is one of 4 families whom we visit once a month to home teach. Our other families are the Petrov's from Bulgaria and two French families. This past week we have taught Marie Beatrix(French), Clothilde(French), Faustino(Angola), Jean Louis(Congo), James(Nigeria), Jamal, Carol(French), Robert(Belgian), Didier(Belgian) Larissa(Russian), JeanYves(French), and Jean Luc and family(Belgian and Ecuadorian.

Wednesday night we had African night for the missionaries. Two wonderful sisters from the ward, Favor and Anastacie, both from African countries cooked Foo WFoo and other yummy food for us. We had so much fun.

Friday, was Elder Hoskyns b'day, so we had a surprise party for him. Here are Sisters Fritsch(France) and Shannon(Ireland) singing a song to try and mislead Elder Hoskyns in the room next door by pretending to have a meeting.

Elders Spicer and Scott Elder Hoskyns opening the door to the room where he was studying and seeing us in the doorway singing happy birthday to him.

Elder Hoskyns and his companion Elder Bertrand.

Our missionaries like to goof off when they can, but when it's time to be serious, they are.

Our missionaries love each other and take lots of pictures any chance they get. I love how the Elders great each other with those manly body slams and pats on the back. They always say, "Hello brother" and when they part, they always say, I love you. The sister give hugs and the french "bisous" kisses.

We had 2 extra Elders, Elder Villain(France) and Ferguson(Idaho), for the day. It was Elder Villain's b'day the day before. None of knew about it. When we found out, we all wished him a happy b'day and Elder Hoskyn's immediately shared half of the candy bars that we had given him for a present. Elder Dewey and Elder Hoskyns. We had lots of yummy food. I made 2 huge chinese chicken salads. Sister Fritsch made lots of crepes. Elders brought toppings, cheesse, ham, and drinks.
The cat went home yesterday after a nice stay with us. He loved it here. Here he is under the chair. He liked resting there. He also liked sucking and chewing all of the fringe, which is now ruined. Luckily all of the furniture here is very worn and very not nice, so it didn't matter.:)
His family was thrilled to get him back. They had a great vacation in Le Beausset in the south of France.


Yvonne said...

Our new Mission President started July 1st, too. Each of them is different, but each brings what is needed to the Mission.

I love that you take such great care of the missionaries.

Love that they take lots of pictures. (I'm so glad Brent did when he was out )

Again, thank you for being such a great example.

The Wendler Family said...

Things have been busy! I am so happy to read your updates. You are so thoughtful to do a surprise party for one of the elders, that is so like you! :)
Crepes and nutella (seen in the photo)- the best combo!