Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Price Wedding

 Grandma Joycie, our dear friend from Lancaster,  invited us to go to her Grandson's wedding.  We do know the family really well, but haven't seen them for years because they live back east in Boston.  The wedding reception was so nice. It was at Wheeler Farms.  This is the second wedding reception I've been to at the Farm and it is really nice.    Cute little Tatum was my best friend at the wedding.  FINALLY great-grandma is safe to be with.  We had a good time too.  We ate strawberries and goodies, danced, took pictures and talked a lot.  It's amazing how much a little girl has to say. HA.
 Papa got to dance with her too.  Much more fun with him because he actually picks her up.  Grandma just holds her hand.
 Here's Tatum's Mom dancing with Papa.  Can't believe she's expecting another little girl and that I will be a great-grandma again.
 I loved seeing Bryce and Brittan again.  They are the cousins of the groom.  Beautiful Sierra was there too.  I used to take care of those cute boys when they were little and then they used to hang out at my house a lot because they were such good friends with my kids.  I love that family.

 Here's Grandma Joycie with her brother.  Joyce is the most awesome woman ever. She plays the piano for two wards and for every meeting and every activity.  She also plays the guitar. She is the kindest person and often (very often) she does secret acts of service to people.  All of her children are so musically talented too.  She and I share some grandchildren.
 Two of Joyce's children; Bruce, the uncle of the groom and my favorite Valerie, the Mom of Bryce and Brittan and a couple of girls too.  She is soooooo talented.  She plays the violin like an angel.  This coming year she will be taking a sabbatical from teaching to  get her Doctorate in Music education.
 Stephanie, the Mom of the groom with her granddaughter.  Steph is also so musically inclined.  She plays the violin and other string instruments and has taught all of her children to play.  She toured Europe as a young woman playing the violin.
 Here are Papa and Dani again.  He loves to dance with his girls.
 There was a lot of fun dancing going on.
 The bride was so beautiful wearing her grandmother's dress.  After the receiving line, she changed into this little black dress so she could dance up a storm.

We enjoyed ourselves so, so much.  It's always nice to get together with old friends.

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Connie said...

It looks like a fun wedding. Love all the dancing!